...Smoke Bomb!


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New card game from Posthuman Studios!

Pick up your shuriken, it's time to play the latest game from Posthuman Studios!

Fear is your weapon, the night is your cloak—it's time to see who's the better ninja in Shinobi Clans! In this game from Posthuman Studios, creators of the Eclipse Phase Roleplaying Game, your goal is to become the most feared ninja clan of all—no matter who stands in your way! Whether you're guarding a target from other players or eliminating them for rewards, you'll need to choose your team carefully to have a chance at succeeding—but you'll also have to outmaneuver other players to become the head Shinobi Clans!

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Silver Crusade

I wholeheartedly endorse Shinobi Clans. Once you pick up the rules it becomes a very fast-paced game of strategy and misdirection. Played it with sets of three and four players so far, and it moved quickly after the first few turns each time.

That and the artwork is gorgeous. This game introduced me to NEN's artwork and in turn the artist herself the same day at Gencon. Great, great stuff.

(also, a pretty good example of equality in fanservice too!)

that rogue guy

that damn tricky game-changing rogue guy

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