Nothing is True, and Everything is Permitted!


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New storytelling card game now available!

Time to do some dirty work with a bit of style in a new storytelling card game!

When the Machine was built, everybody finally knew how they would die—which makes life as an assassin a bit more difficult. But that just means you need to get creative with Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination! In this cooperative game, your goal is pretty straightforward: eliminate four targets. But in order to win, you and your team have to work together to gather the Intel, use the Items you've got, and come up with an assassination plan to make sure your actions will get rid of your target, and make sure your target still die the way they are meant to! You and your team will decide the difficulty of each action, and that's when the timer begins! You've got 90 seconds to win (a sand hourglass is included in the boxed set), and if your roll isn't successful, you better have a strong plan B! Use any remaining cards to rework your plan, and if you make three successful rolls, your target is dead! Earn bonus cards after the mission to gain resources for your next assassination, and work together with your team to roll with the punches—but if you run out of cards, or you fail to eliminate your target, it's game over, man!

Check out everything from Machines of Death here, and get accessories like additional Target Intel Notepads or expansions like the Webcomics Pals & Chums!

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This sounds very, very intriguing. May have to pick this up for play with a friend or three.

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