The Best Kind of Gaming!

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New gamer apparel from T-Shirt Bordello!

Call your friends, grab your dice, and get to the game table with the latest from T-Shirt Bordello!

If you've been gaming for 30 years or a month, you know how satisfying rolling dice with your buddies, facing and overcoming obstacles, and being the hero (or villain) can be. The I Love This Game T-Shirt lets you proclaim your love of roleplaying games, but T-Shirt Bordello knows that gaming can lead to reading, and imagining, and using your thinky-meats! Science fans may want to have their daily serving of Darwin's Primordial Soup (also available in a ladies' cut), and science fiction fans won't want to miss out on the Build a Börg or #Redshirt. Even cultists will look good in the red Old Ones R'lyeh T-Shirt, and you won't need two hands for the King Slayer Black Ale T-Shirt!

Check out everything from T-Shirt Bordello right here, and don't miss our licensed Pathfinder t-shirts from Offworld Designs here!

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