Strangers in a Strange (Stolen) Land!

Pathfinder Paper Minis—Kingmaker Adventure Path Part 1:

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I did promise that we weren't done with the I Can't Make It to PaizoCon sale, and now let's reveal the rest of the bunch!

Hundreds of third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game PDFs are on sale, but there's more than just Pathfinder on! First up--okay, yes this is Pathfinder, but finding miniatures for every encounter can be a bit difficult for some of our adventures, and Pathfinder Paper Minis for the Kingmaker Adventure Path are on sale! Hundreds of miniatures at your fingertips, just print, assemble, and start gaming! Speaking of hundreds, there's more hundreds of PDFs on sale, like Broken Earth for Savage Worlds, an insane selection of system-neutral supplements covering all genres, and classic gaming with Castles & Crusades and OSRIC modules! The sale is through July 8th, so stock up on maps or stock art, check out new-to-you roleplaying games, and plenty more!

The rest of the I Can't Make It to PaizoCon sale is here—fill out your collection, or start a new one, and get gaming!

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