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Pathfinder Chronicles: Classic Treasures Revisited (PFRPG)

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The newest Pathfinder Chronicles book takes a look at classic magic items!

If you have played the world's oldest RPG for any length of time, the names alone will spark your imagination: Bag of Holding, Cube of Force, Deck of Many Things, Figurines of Wondrous Power, Helm of Brilliance, Horn of Valhalla, Sphere of Annihilation, Staff of the Magi, Vorpal Sword, and Well of Many Worlds. These are the magic items that epic stories are made of, and we've just given them a fresh coat of paint in Pathfinder Chronicles: Classic Treasures Revisited.

Every adventurer dreams of glittering treasures and magical relics, and such remarkable rewards spur the quests and ignite the imaginations of history’s greatest heroes, driving them to greatness—or their doom. Yet above coins of gold and gem-studded baubles rise those riches that are themselves the envy of kings, the causes of calamities, and the stuff of legends. With the power to slay titanic beasts, reduce whole castles to ruin, and change the flow of fate, such mythic items fill the stories of sages and treasure seekers the world over. And now, the greatest of these wonders rest within your hands.

This compendium of curiosities reveals the magic and legacy of 10 of the most famous and infamous items and artifacts in the history of fantasy roleplaying. From the head-slicing swipes of the vorpal sword to the awesome magical might of the staff of the magi, the depthless bag of holding to the world-warping deck of many things, the investigations within reveal the mysterious creations, cunning uses, magical variations, and untold other secrets of these ultimate treasures.

No matter the campaign setting, Classic Treasures Revisited unleashes a hoard of history’s greatest magic items upon your game—along with all the adventures they inspire—and proves that true treasures never tarnish.

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I brought this up in the classic Treasure revisited product thread. But with this blog technically being about Classic blanks revisited. I thought I would bring it up again. I would love to see a Classic Cursed Items Revisited done in the future if it is not already a idea at paizo that we are unaware of.

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