Twenty Reasons to Check Out Super Genius's Newest Pathfinder RPG Compatible Products!


We have twenty new products from our friends at Super Genius!

I apologize, Hyrum, Owen, and Stan!! I didn't realize 5 months had passed since we last discussed new PDFs from our friends at Super Genius/Otherworld Creations, but 20 new products have graced the pages of since I last sung their praises, so it's time to go into rapid-fire mode to tell you of the new goodness!

The Genius Guide to the Shadow Assassin introduces a new stealth-oriented class with an emphasis on fighting effectively with light or exotic weapons, powers designed to strike down a single foe, and mystic control of shadows. The Genius Guide to the Archon introduces a new hybrid combat class blending arcane power with martial skill. The Genius Guide to the Death Mage presents an arcane spellcasting class that focuses on powers drawn from the dead, dying, and undead. Death mages are not just specialist wizards or variant sorcerers, but an entirely new kind of arcane spellcaster with different types of powers and a unique spell list. The Genius Guide to the War Master contains a new class designed to lead others in battle, using (mostly) nonmagical talents to grant combat benefits to friends and followers, place enemies at disadvantages, and use the many arts of war in all aspects of his life. The Genius Guide to the Magus lays out a new base class combining arcane spells and divine spells. The Genius Guide to the Witch Hunter introduces a new 20-level warrior class that specializes in finding and defeating evil spellcasters (and spell-using monsters). The Genius Guide to the Godling gives us mortal heroes in whose veins flow the blood of gods.

One Night Stand: The Forgotten Tomb of Felgar the Goblin King is an adventure for characters of 2nd–5th level, and includes map tiles, tactical maps, and standees for the adventure.

The Genius Guide to Loot 4 Less: Volume 2—Pretty, Pretty, Rings takes a look at affordable rings for the price-conscious adventurer, while Volume 3—Hot Rods gives you a bunch of rods under 2,500 gp each! Volume 4—Fantastic Footwear provides an array of fantastic foot coverings, and Volume 5—All You Need Is Gloves finds many ways to cover your hands in magic!

Mythic Menagerie: Winter Ravagers is the first in Super Genius Games’ new line of monster products, offering a themed set of monsters with full write-ups, simple index-card-style summaries, and standee figures. This first installment has a winter theme.

The Genius Guide to Feats of Spellcasting focuses on giving spellcasters feats to differentiate themselves from every other spellslinger. The Genius Guide to Feats of Subterfuge provides new alternatives to characters who use deception. The Genius Guide to Feats of Battle gives you even more battle-related feats to help your martial character kick even more butt! The Genius Guide to Feats of Metamagic has feats that change how spells affect different targets, how a character uses metamagic, and even weakens spells to lower their effective level.

The Genius Guide to Ice Magic presents new cold and ice spells (including at least one spell for every level), and a broad range of chilly class options for spellcasters. The Genius Guide to Earth Magic expands the applications for “typical” acidic earth magic and by adding a new [stone] descriptor for spells that deal damage using rocks as weapons.

PaperCraft Legions: Titanic Clash is a collection of cut-and-tape standees for use in any roleplaying or tabletop game that takes place in the Age of Heroes, or a similarly themed setting. You’ll find figures for mortal soldiers and champions, heroes favored by the gods, and monsters from classic mythology.

Whew! I promise I won't wait five more months to tell you of the next awesome PDFs from Otherworld Creations!

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