Digital Reality: Rules for Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (SFRPG) PDF

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It’s As Real As You Make It

Add new dimensions to Starfinder with our rules for Augmented and Virtual Reality! Explore the infospheres by entering the Virtual Plane, an artificial dimension formed from the connected computers of the galaxy! Add cyberpunk flair with AR displays and programs! And blend holographic art and mesmerizing talent with the Fantasist, a new base class for Starfinder!

-The Virtual Plane: A brand-new plane for players to explore! Includes planar traits, and rules for interacting with computers in new and interesting ways.
-10+ New Pieces of Equipment: Use augmented reality to see into the Virtual Plane! Digitize yourself to explore the inside of a computer!
-14+ Special AR Programs: Get more from your HUD or projector! Use holograms to disguise yourself! Pull info from the web with a glance! Confound your foes with a swarm of annoying popup ads!
-New Spells: Hide magic traps in AR! Summon holograms to fight for you! Alter the very fabric of an infosphere!
-New Enemies: Fight off antivirus programs! Punch out those annoying software imps! Also includes rules for creating virtual AI foes!
-New Class Talents: AR/VR focused class talents for a variety of Paizo and LRGG classes!
-The Fantasist Base Class: Use art to change the world! Your holograms can confound, befuddle, and even decimate your foes!
-30+ Holo-glyphs: Change how your holographic art functions! Create solid light barriers, hypnotic displays, or even turn your art into a laser turret!
-10+ Rig Mods: Get more out of your hologram-creating module! Blind foes with a spray of neon pixels! Move your art around the battlefield! Play holograms straight from the rig!

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