Spacefarer's Digest 010: Envoy Options (SFRPG) PDF

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Be the Best Envoy You Can Be!

A spacefarer’s life is a difficult one, fraught with danger. She is surrounded by hazardous environments, encounters strange and hostile alien species, and must often make do with outdated, or even glitchy, equipment. If one wants to live long adventuring among the stars, it’s important to be the best that one can be. The Spacefarer’s Digest series contains new player options and content, from character themes and races, to archetypes, feats, spells, and more, allowing every traveler among the stars to reach their maximum potential.

This volume provides a number of new class options for the envoy. Inside, you’ll find 20 new envoy improvisations, such as Don’t Die on Me, Go For the Throat, Can’t This Thing Go Any Faster, and They’ll Never Know What Hit ‘Em. The book also contains 11 new Expertise Modifications, such as Careful Disguise, Chief Engineer, and Vile Reputation.

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