Alternate Paths: Divine Characters 2, Odd Gods (PFRPG) PDF

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The Sequel You Have Been Praying For!
Alternate Paths: Divine Characters has a sequel! This time dive into a plethora of odd gods, weird and wonderful subsystems, and new classes!

Overview: 31 new deities, 5 new base classes (avatar, demonologist, hermit, priestess, and valkyrie), a slew of divine “worship” feats, new divine spells, the new “soul room” & “godcrafting” optional subsystems, and 2 new races (sacred dead and takeem).

Base Classes:

  • Avatar: With a crash of lightning you transform into a replica of your deity! This not only grants you supernatural abilities related to your deity but the transformation itself can be quite deadly!
  • Demonologist: Using dark powers against themselves is just your average day for a demonologist. They study demons, learning their powers and building a unique spell list!
  • Hermit: "I have that spell"- the class. Hermits are divine/arcane/psychic casters who draw from a cosmic source of energy. They can cast spells of one type as other spells and even learn to cast some spells infinitely!
  • Priestess: You don't just worship a god- you demand their power so you can achieve some goal. With your holy weapons and rays of light you know no bounds!
  • Valkyrie: The angel of death called and wants his job back. The Valkyrie feeds of the death of her foes, becoming stronger with every defeat. She can tap into divine energy, acting as both psychopomp and executioner.

New Races:

  • Sacred Dead: Divinely-spawned undead who worship the holy gods
  • Takeem: Synthetic angels made by man who were cursed by the gods.

Page Count: 93 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL, 90 content)
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