Blood & Steel Book 3: The Cavalier (PFRPG) PDF

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"A knight is sword to valor. His heart knows only virtue. But that is not who WE are. We are the winds of destruction, and we have come for you."

This Pathfinder RPG product introduces tons of new options for the cavalier including:

  • 7 new cavalier archetypes: Axe Beak Rider, Eques, Hippeus, Kingslayer, Mounted Bomber, Warhawk, Winged Hussar
  • 12 New Feats: Buffalo Horns, Diplomatic Plea, Final Stand, Greater Valiant Stand, Impaler, Infantry Square, Reckless Strike, Sacrificial Strke, Suicidal Strike, Tortoise Formation, Valiant Stand, Wedge Formation
  • 6 New Weapons: Double Spear, Extending Spear, Hook Spear, Koncerz, Light Lance, Long Hook Spear
  • 2 New pieces of Equipment: Mantlet Shield, Weapon Mounter
  • 4 New Magic Weapons: Lance of the Last Stand, Mordred, Reverting Koncerz, Sword of the Alliance
  • 6 New Wondrous Items: Blade of Dark Sacrifice, Bracers of the Brotherhood, Gloves of the Phantom Hawk, Helm of Unbreakable Bonds, Horseshoes of the Pegasus, Hussar's Wings, Mask of the Revolution, Orb of the Steed, Quiver of Surprising Speed, Ring of Icy Sacrifice, Winged Saddle

All this AND MORE await you in Blood & Steel, Book 3 - The Cavalier

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