Galaxy Pirates - Enlightenment Gear Book One: Armor and Weapons PDF

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The Enlightenment Gear books are all centered around equipment that helps you see, or hides you from others sight. The soldier on the cover wears active camouflage to help him blend in with his surroundings. Others coat their armor and weapons in NuBlack, the darkest substance made by science so they can hide in the shadows.

Eight suits of futuristic armor.

Three firearms

Thirteen Armor and Weapon enhancements

We are offering this title at a reduced price in order to get some early feedback on the line. We expect to update these supplements to Starfinder shortly after the system comes out.

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Now Available!

Hey, everyone!

Jim from Atomic Rocket Games, here. I helped design and produce (and write!) a lot of the Galaxy Pirates material, and I wanted to drop in and leave a little note, here.

Paul over at Evil Robot Games has been swamped getting ready for Gencon, but now that he's back, expect him to come do some promotion and Q&A about Galaxy Pirates as the new material starts coming in on the store.

With the release of Starfinder, also expect all of the early Galaxy Pirates material to be updated from the Pathfinder editions to the Starfinder editions real soon, now.

Our sales over on DTRPG have seen an uptick since Gencon and the Starfinder release, and we hope that the folks buying through the Paizo site will have as much fun with the various Galaxy Pirates offerings as we're hearing the DTRPG buyers are.

Stay cool!

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