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CLASSifieds: Equipment Archetypes

Equipment. That all-encompassing word that draws together everything in the adventurer’s arsenal, from the humblest backpack and the rustiest dagger to the mightiest vorpal blade and floating stones of pure magic. And while every adventurer has a vast range of equipment they call upon, there are those that form a special bond with specific parts of their gear.

CLASSiffieds: Equipment Archetypes brings you options that take things such as a simple backpack and turns it into a dangerous weapon!

- Enter the Equipment Master Archetype! Anything in your hands is a weapon to use against the enemy!
- Advanced Armor Training
- Advanced Weapon Training
- The Gumshoe, a new Archetype for Investigators!
- Investigator Talents and a new rogue archetype, the Street Brawler!
- Swagger your way through combat with the Swaggering Swordsman Archetype (for swashbucklers!)

CLASSifieds product line is devoted to bringing you new and exciting classes for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Each product includes complete rules for a single class and an assortment of other rules to bring your characters to life.

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Product is incorrectly labeled "Equipment Master Archetypes" rather than "Equipment Archetypes".

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