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This illustrated bestiary includes twenty-four creatures from the Realm of Faerie. Come challenge the aos sí within their subterranean realm, avoid being skinned by the fearsome blooddybone, hunt the wolf-like cù-sìth, engage in a battle of wits with the far darrig, survive the famishing fear gorta, or quaff the strongest of brews with the wodewose. Meet these fey beings and many others within the Creatures of Faerie. Faerie, the never-realm of the long-lived fey races, harbors many strange secrets. From the underground sanctuaries that hold the undead-fey avartagh, to the horrible dens of the child-gobbling blooddybone (which is easiest to slay when preparing to consume its meal whole), to the skeletal dullahan, there are entities and beasts that will both amaze and frighten the hardiest adventurer group. Come challenge the fey at the crossroads, in the forest, or within the land of Faerie itself. If you survive, great accolades and treasure await; if you fail, the beithirs will pick your bones clean within the lightning-storm lit caves of the high-peaked mountains. Fantastic fantasy art from Steven Catizone finishes off this role-playing game book. Also compatible with the Open Game License 3.5 system.

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