Attack of the LOLth Cats 2014 Calendar

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Dryders and Kittens and PCs . . . Oh My!

Since it premiered in the inaugural issue of Kobold Quarterly, 10'x10' Toon has been shining a cartoonish light on the foibles, fumbles, and verbal miscues that happen at every gaming table. It has since gone on to become a popular weekly webcomic, and now you can bring the comics of award-winning cartoonist Stan! to your own home or office walls with this 12-month, full color calendar.

Each month features two of the best 10'x10' Toons, as well as notations for the birthdays of a wide variety of artists, authors, and musicians whose work and inspiration Stan! celebrates each year in his personally-observed "Artist Holidays."

5.5"x8.5", full color.

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