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by Neal F. Litherland

In Molthune, a nation with ambitions overreaching its means, slavery is just another tool to aid in expansion. Fortunately for the slaves, the abolitionist nation of Andoran is right next door. When a ragtag group of Andoran “troops” sets forth to free the enslaved workers of a Multhuni mine, they'll need every trick the eccentric Lieutenant Sturgeon Hook can cook up. Yet will the Irregulars succeed in their mission, or will they perish at the hands of the slavers they so despise. Will the Irregulars succeed into their mission, or will they perish at the hands of the slavers they so despise—or worse, end up slaves themselves?

From author Neal F. Litherland comes a gritty tale of tactics and justice set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

This story originally appeared as part of Paizo's free weekly webfiction series, and is available for free at

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3.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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The Irregulars is a free, four-part series of Pathfinder web fiction available here. The story's about a group of Andoren slave-liberators undertaking a mission in nearby Molthune. Unfortunately, there wasn't much about the story that really caught me--it was very by-the-book, with forgettable characters and plot. One can't complain about free, but I'd put this one pretty low on the reading list.


The story starts with the heroes ambushing a slave caravan headed toward a camp in Molthune. After getting some of the camp's defenders to sortie out looking for them, the Andorens then launch their plan to sneak in and set the slaves free. There are a lot of new characters to take in during Part 1. The action scenes are fine, but a bit confusing in places. Probably the story's biggest fault is that there just isn't much tension--things largely go as planned, and that doesn't make for a nail-biting read. There's nothing particularly wrong with The Irregulars--it's just that with so much other Pathfinder material to read, there's no point in making this a priority.


I enjoyed this short story about a "special forces" like group of adventurers from Andoran on a mission to save the slaves laboring in Molthune. The author paints the little sliver of Golarian well, and it was different to see them carrying out a mission only to save the slaves and punish the slavedrivers, without any personal benefit. My only real complaint was that the story was so short that it didn't really have a chance to flesh out the heroes or really build an antagonist. I wouldn't mind seeing more about the Irregulars in the future, perhaps in a longer format.

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