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Get sneaky with this final serialized release in the Psionics Expanded product line!

Are you looking for a stealthy psionic character? Then perhaps the Cryptic is just what you need. This new base class learns to recognize and understand all the patterns of the world around her to find hidden dangers, disappear from sight, or even unravel the very fabric of existence.

Do you just want to take over the bodies of your enemies? Then the Body Snatcher prestige class is for you!

Psionics Expanded: Hidden Intentions is 50 pages of new material for new and existing psionic characters. With new psion advanced discipline, new psychic warrior paths, new wilder surge options, archetypes for every psionic class and even core classes, new psionic feats, psionic powers, and psionic items, there is something for virtually any character with a psychometabolism focus!

Do you want the entire Psionics Expanded series and not just this serialized release? You can subscribe and get it all for only $9.95 here, and you'll receive the final PDF of Psionics Expanded!

Psionics Expanded requires Psionics Unleashed.

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Glorious conclusion to the stellar series - now I want the final book!


The final installment of the Psionic Expanded-pdfs is 52 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD, leaving 49 pages of content, so let's check out this final installment of DSP's series!

Following the format of the series, we get a short introduction to the serialized release that is Psionics Expanded and then delve right into the new Core-class, the Cryptic. Crunch-wise, the class gets d8, 4+Int skills, 3/4 BAB-progression, up to 128 Power Points and access to up to 20 powers of to 6th level. But what are they about? Cryptics harness the hidden patterns of reality and manipulate them by having them show up as tattoos - their manifesting is harder to identify by other classes, but they can't suppress the additional manifestation of the pattern that accompanies their casting. They can use the mastery of the pattern to improve their defenses a limited amount of times per day and also gain e.g. trapfinding, trapmaking and similar roguish abilities. When the cryptic focuses, she can also disrupt the pattern of foes of a type she chooses at the time of focusing via a black ray. Cryptics, due to their insights in the patterns of reality, also get special talents called "insights", one at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter, of said talents a total of 26 different ones are provided, lending to quite a variety of choices. While the obvious enhancements of the ray they can shoot are there, the cryptic also gets some rather intriguing abilities that distinctly set the class apart from its brethren - one of the insights, e.g., lets the cryptic and his allies temporarily bypass traps without setting them off - now if you don't get some rather cool tactical ideas for that one, I don't know what will - imagine the dastardly trap-cluttered bases an NPC (or the players!) can easily create or a chase of a cryptic through a trap-riddled dungeon. One of the very intriguing options also halves the healing foes hit by your ray receive. Oh, have I mentioned that cryptics may fold traps into small patterns an throw them into unoccupied spaces of up to 30 ft. away or even redirect a trap's effect at foes and repair teh damage done to the pattern of allies, granting them minor healing capabilities adn at 16th level even the ability to bring back the dead. Of course, they can also opt to learn ranger traps and a whole page is devoted to them. It should also be noted that the class has not one or two, but a selection 8 different capstone abilities to choose from - now if that's not nice, what is?

After this new class, we are introduced to new options for the core psionic classes: Psions get the mindbender advanced discipline bent (haha) on enthralling and subjugating foes via Telepathy. Wilders get the new chaotic surge, which may provide power, but also weaken the wilder and prove a quite high chance of enervation, while the Efficient surging option reduces the amount of power points a power costs instead of increasing the level or augmented output. The warping surge can increase allies' caster level and decrease the one of the foes close to it.

Psionic archetypes are also part of the deal and the very first one is already a winner: If you've read my other PE-reviews, you'll know how much I loved the reimagination of the Aegis and the first archetype makes me happy indeed: The Aberrant does not use an ectopic suit, rather modifying and mutating the body into new forms - eyestalks, stingers, poison and even a protective shell are part of the 12 new customizations for this creepy archetype. The ectopic artisan on the other hand blends the powers of the shaper and artisan, manipulating ectoplasma and creating astral swarms to do his bidding at the cost of less power for the astral suit. The Trailblazer, in comparison, is rather boring - it provides 2 new customizations to reflect ranger abilities. The Cryptic gets the pattern breaker archetype which focuses on improving her ray and intimidation. The stellar Dread-class also gets a supplement, the Fear in Flesh archetype, which lets the Dread use the claw/bite powers on a more or less permanent basis and enhance these attacks to carry the powers of fear. The Marksman gets the Kaigun archetype, a kind of psionic gunslinger that has some rather interesting options, like spending power points and expending the focus to gain grit. The Shroud in contrast is a hunter focused on staying hidden while sniping. Two new psionic deeds are also included. Psions can use the new archetypes herein to throw exploding stones, access two disciplines and become better creators. Psychic Warriors get a complex archetype that uses kineticist powers and marries it with martial prowess. The Meditant can be considered a monk/psychic warrior crossover, including increased unarmed damage, while the Protector can be considered a psionic bodyguard. The Soulknife-cutthroat is gets sneak attacks and the nimble blade is rather finesse-focused. 5 talents for the soulknife let the class wilder in the rogue's territory via evasion, trapfinding etc. and a 1-page comprehensive list of weapon abilities is included for your convenience. Quite cool, the Tactician gets the battle medic archetype, which gains limited access to some of the Vitalist's tricks and the Vitalist gets the Life Leech, which can share and shift debilitating conditions, while the Miasmic delight in causing sickness rather than curing it. The combat and blasting wilders can enhance their physis via surges and chain their surge blasts respectively.

Core-classes also get psionic options: From the Enlightened Monk to the cerebral infiltrator rogue (who gets 3 new talents and 2 advanced talents to take psionic feats, powers etc.) and then there are the 15 new feats: While some of which, like "Unwilling Participant" overlap with other PE-releases, especially the "Cushion the Blow"-feats rock: As long as an individual is part of your collective, you can hamper the respective attacks on your allies to make them count as if the foe has rolled 1s on the damage dice via an immediate action and even reduce them further by expanding your focus.

After that, we get the cryptic's power-list as well as a revised vitalist-info - good to see the terminology with knacks etc. streamlined. The powers per say are top-notch and include with everyman one of my player's favorite powers ever. Special mentioning also deserve the ectoplasmatic grapnel that lest you do batman/spiderman-style moves to move enemies and objects to you and can be used in a myriad of ways - the power is longer than a page! From special hiding powers and the ability to launch across the battle-field, the new powers herein are generally well-conceived and none of them felt unbalancing.

Racial favored class options for blues, dromites, elans, half-gaints, meanads and xephs as well as human are covered for the cryptic class and we also get PrCs:

The Body Snatcher (d6, 2+Int skills per level, 6 levels, 1/2 BAB progression, 4 levels of power progression, medium will-saves) ffocuses on mind switches and may retain some sort of muscle memory and retain some of the host's capabilities - a godsend class for recurring villains or great infiltrators and they may even switch minds with their killers, thus granting them one last chance to escape death's clutches. The Soul Archer (10 levels, d10, 4+Int skills, full BAB, medium ref-save, 9 levels mind blade progression) is essentially a ranged version of the soulknife, complete with arrows that may phase through nonmagical terrain like trees, walls etc.

The 16 new psionic items are solid, and especially steampunk-fans and aficionados of victorian aestehtics will be delighted by the new enchanted monocles. Cryptics get some neat tools of the trade to enhance their own pattern-related abilities.

Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn't notice any glitches. Layout adheres to DSP's printer-friendly 2-column standard and the interior artwork is full-color and both nice and coherent in style. The pdf comes fully bookmarked. After having delivered two of the best and in my opinion coolest classes for PFRPG in the last two installments, I was somewhat dreading the release of this installment. The Cryptic could have easily fallen into the bland concept of "He's a rogue +psionics". I'm happy to report that that's not the case. Instead, DSP managed to create a class that is distinct and has a whole unique identity and fluff - ever wanted to create a character that can calculate terrain and use freak "accidents" and traps to his/her advantage? The Cryptic might do exactly that for you. And yes, they can fill the rogue's role, but much like the Vitalist for example, the class feels wholly distinct not only in its mechanics, but also in its fluff and strategies. I'm also delighted to report that the majority of new archetypes ROCK. If you're following my reviews, you probably know that I'm all for complex archetypes and e.g. the Aberrant and the Kaigun rock! The powers and PrCs are also nice and offer a vast array of new storytelling devices and options. In the end, I'll settle for a final verdict of 5 stars and omit the seal of approval only because I would have loved to see more options for the Cryptic and Dread-classes. (Hopefully in the compiled book?)

Endzeitgeist out.



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Now available!

This is an expanded repost from something I put in the Psionics Expanded page.
So having received Hidden Intentions, I have a few very serious balance concerns, mostly related to the cryptic's disrupt pattern ability. The fact that it's normally only availabke once/round is not enough in my mind to balance it out, nor is the half damage to non-focused enemies. The fact that when you focus on an enemy you don't have to choose a subtype is a strange choice that goes against all precedent. The elan's favored class bonus seems hugely overpowered also. But most seriously, the unlimited uses per day is an issue to me, and the pattern breaker's multiple uses per round compounds this. Imagine a 10th level elan pattern breaker focused on TWF. They can make 4 attacks per round. They get normal weapon damage+4d6+int+10 on every attack. If an enemy is not their focused one, they only need a full round action to change it. In addition, every attack could also blind, entangle, and cause bleed damage. Also, it bypasses DR. This is just what I could see on one read through. This class is begging for abuse.

The shroud's unseen ability seems overpowered. At level ten, a typical shroud could be invisible for, assuming a modest 14 wisdom, 26 rounds/day. That's probably enough to cover every combat, and they can reactivate it as a swift action. They also get hide in plain sight ten levels earlier than a ranger.

I would like to say, though, that I really like most of the book. The cryptic is a really cool class, it just has some very obcious exploits. I really wish I had participated in the playtest. Hopefully more issues don't come to light as I read.

Dreamscarred Press

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Regarding the Cryptic - there were extensive mathematical tests done on the cryptic's disrupt pattern ability, as well as extensive playtesting done across multiple gaming groups. It wasn't just me and Andreas testing it out. We had multiple gaming groups with people playing cryptics, GMs throwing cryptics at their parties, and disrupt pattern was, plain and simple, not a problem.

While I understand that theoretical and hypothetical examples might look like they're problems, in game, it was never found to be an issue, especially once the half-damage on other creature types was implemented.

For the Pattern Breaker, keep in mind that unlike the regular cryptic, this is only on melee attacks - not on touch attacks. Again, when it was tested, it was not found to be a problem. Hypothetically, it might look good - when put into practice, and especially when factoring in the cryptic's average instead of good BAB and multiple-ability dependency, it was not found to be a problem when compared to other classes and their expected damage levels.

If you have specific examples, we're open to hearing about them, but our in-game experience - as players and as GMs, with our own games and those of our independent playtesters - would indicate otherwise.

For the Shroud, I realized that doesn't have the level restriction that is implied - Unseen is a 13th level ability. So, at 13th level, the marksman can do something that a bard can do starting at 10th level. Or a wizard / sorcerer can let a fighter do starting at 7th level. Just to put it into perspective. :)

Also, rogues can get Hide In Plain Sight at 10th level. The shroud has to spend a resource to do it (expend psionic focus). That being said, I'm open to discussion on if this is actually an issue and if it needs to be adjusted. It wasn't raised as an issue in playtesting, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need to be reevaluated.

Even the stacking of different insights on the same disruption? I trust that you playtested, and I am no expert, but I just can't get over how powerful some of these options seems. I don't have any specific examples yet, having not had a chance to play. But I just built a ninth level elan cryptic as an eventual enemy for my party (it fit an uncrunched character perfectly, I'd been struggling to find the right class for him). It is only once per turn, but he deals 4d6+21 damage with 25 splash damage, blinds in a large radius, and entangles. It ignores DR and energy resistance I'll compare to a ninth level alchemist with the same stats, primarily 22 INT (I'm coming up with this as I write it, so maybe I'll end up agreeing with you), who can get multiple 4d6+7 with 11 splash damage attacks off in a round. Any one attack could entangle, dispel, have a larger radius, or make a smoke cloud. Only one of these effects at a time, however. He has a hard limit per day of, assuming extra bombs, 17. These attacks ignore DR, and he may have the right type of energy to get past resistance. Not always, but frequently. If this alchemist is a gnome, his damage increases to 5d6+7, 12 splash, 22 bombs/day.

Hmm. I don't think the unlimited uses is an issue, at least not for the base cryptic. I'm not sure about the pattern breaker. It's balanced out by only one use per round. Although, if given vital strike, that damage gets a huge boost to 5d6+42, same splash. Every round. Hmm. Throw in blinding and entaglement... It seems like too much. My issue is really with a few things. First, the elan favored class bonus seems too high for an unlimited use ability. At level ten, it equates to an extra 3d6 damage.. Second, the pattern breaker still worries me, since they would be able to get that 4d6+21, plus, assuming TWF, 1d4+~6, 4 times every turn. They have to go into melee and aren't making touch attacks, but that's an average of 43 damage per attack, so 172 damage per round at ninth level if all hit. Wielding keen kukris, the critical potential is scary, even though the bonus die don't get added. He would have trouble hitting, I admit. His INT might be lower too, so shaving 2-3 points of damage off is not unreasonable. Third, and most importantly to me, is the ability to stack multiple effects onto a single disruption. One blinding, entangling, bleeding, dispelling attack that also does huge damage is really pushing it for me.

That's what I see from a theorycraft perspective. The character I made won't come into play for a while, but I might throw some lower level cryptic minons at the party to test in game. I trust that you thoroughly playtested, but I can't get over this stuff that easily. I also know that you guys are historically great at making balanced classes, so this confuses me. I have another issue but I'll save it for after our cryptic discussion is done.

Dreamscarred Press

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See, that sort of feedback - the stacking of the effects - is what we're looking for.

When it comes to the Alchemist, which I admit at least part of the mechanical skeleton was based off, keep in mind some of the other benefits the alchemist gets - Mutagens aren't something to discount, and the overall picture is what has to be taken into consideration.

That being said, the splash + blind + entangle all together might be an issue, so I'll take that as something to review. It may simply need to be that Disrupt Pattern can only benefit from one such insight at a time, but don't take that as an official ruling, since it's off-the-cuff and hasn't been thoroughly vetted.

The good thing is that we're not against issuing errata - we're discussing one for the core wilder class right now. While we'd much rather avoid errata altogether, we recognize that with complicated systems, it can happen despite months and months of playtesting.

Now, as for the pattern breaker, you can't just look at raw damage potential - otherwise the Rogue would just be the king of damage, when the DPR Olympics showed that he was anything but, because he suffered from a lower hit chance compared to the full BAB classes. You have to factor in: hit chance, crit chance, crit damage, crit multiplier. That's how I did mathematical comparisons. :) A 10th level cryptic starts off at a 15% lower hit chance than a 10th level fighter, and the fighter has a lot more feats to pick to increase his hit chance.

As for the elan racial favored bonus, that should probably be dropped to 1/2 instead of 1 to follow the half-orc alchemist standard.

EDIT: I've started a thread at the Dreamscarred site to discuss the cryptic. You can see it here.

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The Mystic Theurge was thought to be overpowered at first, too, remember.

Depending on how one reads the wording for Disrupt Pattern and Vital Strike, the two may not stack. Disrupt Pattern is a Supernatural ability, whereas Vital Strike is for specific attacks. It's one of those grey areas, but depending on the GM, that issue may not even be valid.

Using Binding Pattern reduces all of your damage d6's to automatic 1s, so that damage becomes 4 + Int mod + 1/class level for an Elan Pattern Breaker. And I'd like to see your math on getting up to a +11 Int mod at level 10, even with an Elan, while still having enough ability score points to have the AC and hp to make for a meaningful TWF melee combat threat.

Excellent. One more slight concern, I'm not sure how serious it is, just a thought.
The bombardier is a preposterously cool archetype. A psionic arcane bomber that throws crystals instead of bombs? Yes, please. However, I'm not sure it's giving enough up. Locking in scribe scroll as a bonus feat is a good choice. But compared to the arcane bomber, it's obvious counterpart, I'm not sure it's even. Arcane bomber loses a school and takes four opposition schools. Psions don't have 'opposition disciplines', but I'm not sure losing one is enough. Although, the more I think about it, particularly the fact that they lose a spell list, which wizards don't, it might not be as big a deal as I thought when I started this post. The flexible energy types might be a little iffy, but that's sort of a psionic standard. So, you can ignore this post. I'm posting it anyways, though.

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Compare that Cryptic's ability with what an 8th level half-orc sorcerer can pull off. He or she could cast a Flaring (see APG for the Flaring Spell feat) Fireball that does 8d6+4 fire damage in a 20 ft. level radius with a save DC of 20 (10 +3 + 7 from Int), and leaves its affected targets dazzled for 3 rounds afterwards if they take any damage from the spell. Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus can up that to DC 22. The Orc bloodline would up the damage to 8d6+12. Pick up the right feats (say, Bloatmage Initiate) and you can up that to 9d6+12. Powerful? Ab-so-lutely, but if you really want to min-max things you can come up with powerful examples of almost any class.

I could easily see a limit placed on Channel Disruption that it does not stack with Pattern-focused Insights, however.

Kvantum wrote:

The Mystic Theurge was thought to be overpowered at first, too, remember.

Depending on how one reads the wording for Disrupt Pattern and Vital Strike, the two may not stack. Disrupt Pattern is a Supernatural ability, whereas Vital Strike is for specific attacks. It's one of those grey areas, but depending on the GM, that issue may not even be valid.

Using Binding Pattern reduces all of your damage d6's to automatic 1s, so that damage becomes 4 + Int mod + 1/class level for an Elan Pattern Breaker. And I'd like to see your math on getting up to a +11 Int mod at level 10, even with an Elan, while still having enough ability score points to have the AC and hp to make for a meaningful TWF melee combat threat.

+11 INT? No such thing! Here's the math for the damage:

4d6 Base+6 int (base 16, +2 racial, +2 item, +2 advancement), +9 favored class, +2 power specialization, +4 improved disruption. 6+9+2+4=21. Now it would be 6+4+2+4=17, with the proposed fix for the elan. Here are the character in question's stats. He's an NPC, so his stats are just cobbled together as I see fit. It comes out to a 17 point buy after I count it, suitable for a boss man.
STR 12
DEX 16 +2 item
CON 12
INT 16 +2 racial +2 item, +2 advancement
WIS 13
His low CHA is not a dump for power, as I hate those, but for RP. The character is the right-hand man of a powerful merchant lord, and he heads up his own little spy network in the man's name. He's a tactical genius. He's quiet, ageless, and deadly. I had toyed with him being a wizard, rogue, monk, fighter, cavalier, psion, tactician, ninja, but nothing felt right. Then this came out and, and the cryptic was just perfect. Stealthy, intelligence based, has every knowledge as a class skill. He's a stoic assassin, and his skills aren't in deception but in nondetection.

My issue was that I am not a mim-maxer. I am an ok optimizer at best. This was just so easy. Also, how many times per day can that half-orc do that? Three? I guess one or two more with bonus spells, and it's a full round action. That was the issue I saw. The balance between power and economy. Jeremy agrees, and I trust him to take care of things. He's good at balance. Anybody can have something slip under their nose from time to time.

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12 Con for a melee combatant? You'll get one round of mean, ugly damage, but average 62 hp or so (assuming favored class bonus) and a +4 Fort save (maybe +6 with a +2 cloak) means he won't last long.

And Power Specialization would not apply to Disrupt Pattern. It's a Supernatural ability, not a psionic power, so 4+6+4+4 = 14 damage additional per hit.

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Still, limiting use of Insights to only one that modifies Disrupt Pattern at a time would make sense. Rogue Talents that enhance or alter Sneak Attack and Alchemist Discoveries affecting Bombs are similarly limited.

Dreamscarred Press

I can see why there might be confusion on Power Specialization, but as Kvantum says, it does not apply, because it is not a power.

Dreamscarred Press

It was brought up that Vanishing Strike is missing from Hidden Intentions.

It's in Master the Battle, but was accidentally left out of Hidden Intentions. Here it is:

Vanishing Strike
Discipline: Psychoportation [Light]
Level: Cryptic 4, psychic warrior 4
Display: Olfactory, visual
Manifesting Time: Full-round action
Range: Personal; see text
Target: You
Duration: Instantaneous; see text
Power Points: 7

Manifesting this power does not provoke attacks of opportunity. As part of manifesting this power, make a single melee attack against an enemy within reach. After the attack, you bend the light around you, becoming invisible, and teleport up to 30 feet away from your current location. You stay invisible for one round per manifester level or until you make an attack.

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What are the correct displays of the Vitalist Talents? They all seem to have a Display line of Display: Display

Dreamscarred Press

Well that's unfortunate.

Fatigue: Mental
Halt Death: Material
Hinder: Auditory
Induce Pain: Visual
Sicken Body: Olfactory, Visual
Siphon: Material, Olfactory
Toughen: Auditory, Material

Hmm... I was under the impression that the Cryptic could only use one Disrupt insight at a time anyway. So looking again....

So splash damage, plus bleed on the target for less than that, plus Dazzled (oh no!), plus possibly Entangled (decent, but not the best status effect, and you go to minimum damage).

And you default to one use per turn. Doesn't sound OP to me. Frankly, casting Sleet Storm is more effective that all of that, and it won't take up half your class abilities to do it. So yeah, if optimizing an ability for a 10th level character is less potent than 1 casting of a 3rd level spell, then I doubt it's overpowered. :)

By the way, congrats on the Cryptic, it might be the coolest thing you guys have made so far! Really loving the idea, can't wait to play one!

Dreamscarred Press

Kim Ennis wrote:
By the way, congrats on the Cryptic, it might be the coolest thing you guys have made so far! Really loving the idea, can't wait to play one!

Thanks! It was definitely fun to design.

I did want to point out that if you make the effect Entangling, it Minimizes the damage of the attack, so there is that, as well. :)

@ Jeremy Smith - If you aren't using the Talents rules from Unlimited Possibilities (which would make it moot), how does the Dual Disciple deal with their Discipline Talents.

That is to say, would you only get the Discipline Talents of your Primary Discipline?

Which brings up a related question:

When you finalize Psionics Expanded, are you going to go back into Psionics Unleashed and make Talents standard (or are you going to leave it as Optional in the Psionics Expanded book)?

Dreamscarred Press

You only get the talents from your primary discipline.

Here's why I say that:

Dual Disciple is still a psion. The only archetype benefits are gained at the cost of: discipline skills, 10th level bonus feat, 15th level bonus feat. All other abilities gained are that of the base psion.

The secondary discipline ability only allows the dual disciple an extra list of powers to choose from. It is only the additional features of the archetype that grant the additional discipline abilities.

And to your second question - we're going to do that when we combine the two books for next year. We're not ret-conning Psionics Unleashed at this time.


That's what I figured, but I just wanted to verify.

BTW: I prefer the Talents system from Psionics Expanded better anyway! :D

Dreamscarred Press

Me, too! But that's unfortunately not an easy thing to errata ;)

I recently bought the book, and have a concern. Fold design seems to be a very useful ability for a character that wants to go the trap route, but it is a little vague. RAW there is no limit on the size of the trap that can be folded. So it seems to me that a cryptic would be able to build a pit trap, fold it and carry it around using when what would happen if I used my folded pit trap some one fell in and then I folded it again. I dont have the book in front of me right now, so I might be missing something, but this seems to be a bit op to me.

Dreamscarred Press

Good question.

There probably needs to be an additional clarification that traps may only be folded once.

Jeremy Smith wrote:

Good question.

There probably needs to be an additional clarification that traps may only be folded once.

That's what I was thinking. As long as the cryptic builds the trap to were it can be rest he can build it, fold it, throw it, watch it trigger, rest, and fold it again.

And reviewed here, on DTRPG and sent to GMS magazine. Looking forward to seeing the revised content compiled into the book! Cheers!

Dreamscarred Press

Endzeitgeist wrote:
And reviewed here, on DTRPG and sent to GMS magazine. Looking forward to seeing the revised content compiled into the book! Cheers!

Awesome review, thanks End!

And to answer your question:

There are new archetypes for the Dread, Cryptic, and Tactician that will be in the compiled book. We're still figuring out how we're going to release that for the folks who bought the serialized books (probably a free PDF download).

The cryptic will get the Brutal Disruptor, Distorter, and Grammaton.

The Dread will get the Nightmare Constructor and the Shadow Hunter.

The Tactician will get the Amplifier, Commander, and potentially 1 more.

The Vitalist will get the Sadist.

All of those are still in playtesting. :)

Hell yeah, now that is great news indeed!

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