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Jonathan Roberts cartographer for Kobold Quarterly, The Breaking of Forstor Nagar, and ZEITGEIST Adventure Path, presents another Fantastic Map: "Square Rigger!"

This multi-page PDF allows you to print out the battlemap at a 1 square=1 inch scale as a letter-format or A4 map and is also available in a printer-friendly light grayscale version. High-Resolution JPEGs of the maps with and without grids. The file also contains a MapTool file set up for quick use in a 4E, PFRPG, or any OGL game. The MapTool file requires MapTool 1.3b86 or newer to work.

Within you will find:

  • Top deck in full sail map
  • Top deck moored, with furled sails map
  • Inner Deck maps (4 areas, including Captain's quarters and brig)
  • PNGs of ballistae, bunks, crates, gangplank, furled, and open sails
  • PNG Full ship in sail
  • PNG full ship with furled sails
  • PNGs of all interior decks without objects and set dressing
  • Sea background image for nautical games
  • MapTool files for all maps, with separate objects

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Vastly superior over the pirate ship in content and customizability


This installment of Jonathan Robert's Fantastic Maps line comes as a 63-page pdf, one page front cover, 1 page how-to-use, leaving 61 pages of content, so let's check it out!

The pdf kicks off with a one-page version of the map witha grid, to give you an overview. The ship comes with 8 ballistas as well as mostly semi-translucent masts, making placing PCs on the ship rather easy.
After that, we get a blown-up version of the map for use with miniatures, both in color and in greyscale. Each of the blown-up version takes up 30 pages.

The pdf does go above and beyond, though, and provides us maps of the 3 lower decks as high-res jpegs. They come in grescale and full color with grids, full color without grids (thanks!) and in full color without objects. The installment goes even further, though: We also get versions with grid (color + greyscale) for the upper decks while the ship is moored and while it's underway and of course, versions without the items and without grid. Woaow, that's much content, even for Fantastic Maps! We also get a grid-less sea-jpeg.

Even better, we get mappack files for the maps and 6 additional pdfs: 34 pages inside deck, 40 pages moored version and 52 pages underway - in both letterpack and A4-versions. Beyond even that, we get .pngs for ALL THE ITEMS and versions of the ship and even the sails!

Of all the Fantastic Maps-files I've seen, this one goes furthest in content, versatility and ability to be used - the modularity is stellar, the map beautiful and best of all, we get to choose whether to take grids, objects etc. or leave them. This pdf is simply stellar and my favorite installment of the line until now, thus my final verdict will be 5 stars and the Endzeitgeist seal of approval - excellent map with a lot of customizing options.

finally a full blown ship map with every level :)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

This is a weird question, but how many crew would this ship accommodate?

It really depends on what rules you're playing for ship crew. The deck of this ship is 120' long so it falls in the category of a warship. That means at least 60 crew. The hammocks on the lower deck are stacked so 3-4 people sleep above on another.

It feels a little off, as if we're working on squares in the deck area, a 120' long ship can only really fit 30-40 people on deck. Partly that's the principle that only one person can occupy a square 5' by 5', and partly because there's a lot of stuff on the deck. You can argue that more crew sleep in the fore and aft cabin, or that there are two lower decks (just re-use the lower deck map) to fit in more crew, or added soldiers.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Thanks for the detailed reply! That's very helpful.

So glad to see ship maps with interiors, btw. I've had a heck of a time finding stuff like that... even source material (plain old deckplans, not for gaming) to work off of.

You're welcome! Glad to help out.

Yep, deckplans are a nightmare to track down. I was having a shot at it whilst getting this one put together. It seems they're mostly in old books these days rather than online.

There are previews of all the maps for this map pack up on my mapping blog, so you can see all the different levels in detail.


Updated product description and added preview images.

Thanks Liz!

thanks liz

Reviewed here, on DTRPG and sent to GMS magazine. Cheers!

Wow! Thanks a lot for that review - I'm deeply flattered :)

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