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Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc. presents Lotsa Blocks! for fantasy OGL gaming. Within this pdf are 103 ready-to-use stat blocks, sorted by role (warrior, sage, etc.), for the harried GM. No longer do you need to schedule an extra hour or two to come up with foes that will only live for a few rounds anyway. Let Tricky Owlbear do the work for you! Lotsa Blocks! gives you NPCs fashioned solely from the System Reference Document so there's nothing out of the ordinary you must stop and reference during play. Whether you need commoners to populate a community or the main villain for tonight's game, this is your go-to source. Have more fun more quickly with Lotsa Blocks!

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It's Christmas early at Tricky Owlbear HQ so we've decided to permanently set the price of Lotsa Blocks! at $4.00 (a 50% savings from the original price). Enjoy!

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