Babylon 5 RPG 2nd Edition Hardcover (OGL)

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The Babylon 5 RPG explodes back into your gaming store with the all-new 2nd Edition.

With feedback garnered from thousands of gamers since the release of the first rulebook three years ago, the Babylon 5 RPG has been refined and focused by writer Gareth Hanrahan.

Now 'timeline neutral', the 2nd Edition allows you to play in any era of Babylon 5, from the Earth/Minbari War through to the Crusade era and beyond. Space combat has been completely overhauled with a faster-flowing system that nevertheless squeezes in more detail. New character classes have been added, including the Trader and Ranger, meaning you no longer have to 'qualify' to play one of the most iconic characters of the TV series, as well as new player races—yes, the Pak'ma'ra can now be used by players!

On top of all that, there are copious new notes on the universe of Babylon 5, the station itself, and the alien races that can be found throughout the galaxy.

Best of all, the 2nd Edition Babylon 5 RPG is fully compatible with all the supplements printed during the first edition of the game, from the Earth Alliance Fact Book right up to Merchants, Traders and Raiders!

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I can't tell if it is unavailable because it hasn't come out yet or because it is really old and is no longer printed.

Liberty's Edge

IIRC it's been out of print for a while.

They should do a new version with Starfinder rules.

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Mongoose's license to publish B5 stuff ended a long time back, sadly.

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