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I've been reading people say that a Blood Arcanist taking the Psychic Bloodline can wear armor without worrying about spell failure, because the Bloodline Arcana makes your spells count as psychic instead of arcane.

Does it really?

The Bloodline Arcana says "Your sorcerer spells and spell-like abilities count as psychic instead of arcane"

However, the Blood Arcanist Archetype doesn't say anything about counting your Arcanist spells as Sorcerer spells, or anything about replacing references to Sorcerer in the Bloodline to Arcanist.

So, is the Blood Arcanist really benefiting from the Bloodline Arcana? I'd think you would continue casting Arcanist spells as arcane spells. If you do benefit from it, where is the rule that justifies that interpretation.

Thank you for your consideration.