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Print Edition Unavailable

Add PDF $6.99

It is a Character Sheet...


I received my .PDF and the Print copy through my subscription recently and I like both the style of it, and the layout. The offensive and defensive information are on the same fold out, so you don’t have to flip pages during combat. Important base information on the first page, and there is plenty of room to account for “pets” and Magic.

I was disappointed that the .PDF is not in a print friendly form. Namely, it uses a lot of ink to print. A black and white copy without the colored background would be ideal for printing and regular use.
Not something I would use on a regular basis at the price both for the printed copy, and when considering for printer wear for the .PDF.

Would give it 4 stars if there was a more printer friendly .PDF

TL:DR – Looks good, New player friendly. Poor .PDF usability. Not paying another $10 for a character sheet.

EDIT: Upped it to three stars. After looking at the folder more closely, and seeing that the basic character page can fold out and make a three page layout I'm a bit more impressed. Keeps that basic info out where you can see it even when you are turning pages to other things.