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Ultimate Psionics is an absolutely wonderful product, filled to the brim with mechanics and fluff. You will lack for neither as you scour each page with delight and anticipation, looking for ways to add some flair and flavour to your standard Pathfinder games. Each class, prestige class, feat, skill, item or power has been meticulously designed and fleshed out - you will never feel lacking for anything.

Want a ranged character? Look no further than the Marksman, a psionic powerhouse without equal that puts Ranger (Archers), Arcane Archers and Gunslingers to shame.

Is melee more your style? The Psychic Warrior, Soulknife and Aegis, these brutes can go toe-to-toe with any Fighter, Magus, Barbarian, or Ranger any day of the week, and trounce them handily.

Prefer casting spells? Want to give Psionics a try and manifest powers instead? The Psion, Wilder and Dread will fill you with delight, and make you the envy of the table as you casually warp minds, instill terror and decimate your foes with ease. All of this and much, much, much more.

Not enough? Try pages of unique class archetypes, cleverly designed prestige classes, racial traits (and new races!), feats, powers and more. You can tell the developers clearly love their psionics and it shows. This is one of those rare occasions where I can confidently look someone in the eye and say:

"Yes, this is a third-party product, and yes, it is every bit up to standard as the core rulebook. On top of that, I will say that Ultimate Psionic is actually better than the original, everything is enhanced without being overpowered or cheesy. This is how third-parties should be designing their works, and those folks at Paizo? They could take some serious lessons from Dreamscarred Press on how to make something really intense and fun without overkill!"

Ultimate Psionics is a standard book at my games these days, it has everything we need to run mixed classes and full-on psionics adventures, with everything else in-between. If you enjoy psionics, want a change of pace or just feeling like getting over your previous psionics bias, take a good hard look at Ultimate Psionics.

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I purchased this item over a year ago, but with no reviews of this excellent item I thought I should fix that oversight. You know, before the goblins come to town brandishing torches and singing as they pillage.

First of all if you love Pathfinder and the goblins therein, this plush is an excellent addition to your fantasy collection. He is a soft, yet firm plush who has stood up to being manhandled by my girlfriend, a young nephew, and an accidental cat toy. Still looks and feels fantastic. No rips, tears, breaks or stuffing leaks anywhere.

Second, he's adorable yet freaky. He hangs on my wall (next to Licktoad Goblin) and just makes me happy every time I look over and see him. His creepy smile lights up the room and makes you wonder what mischief he'll get into when you're not looking. All in all a wonderful purchase.

If you at all love Pathfinder goblins, plushies or just kooky knickknacks to have, then I cannot recommend this goblin enough!

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This plush is an amazing piece of goblin fantasy. Many plushies I've found over the years are generally of poor make, but not this little guy. Well designed, firm yet soft, with a creepy smile that just makes you happy. I would recommend this plush to anyone who loves fantasy monsters, strange gifts or is just a bit kooky.

On a side note: don't leave Licktoad Goblin hanging around just anywhere. I left him hanging on the wall of the bedroom and my girlfriend freaked when she turned on the lights in the middle of the night. Then she snuggled him and wouldn't give him back. You have been warned.