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My wife plays Kyra in the campaign I'm running, and is the only other adult in the room. I'm pretty sure when the party finally made it to Turtleback Ferry and got rooms at the inn after 8 days on a riverboat, in the rain, with the wind and current against them, and two days tramping through mud on horseback, she announced immediately that she was taking a bath.

Dead silence from the dwarf monk, half-orc fighter/sorcerer, even the elf siblings (the eldritch knight and the rogue). There were crickets. If they make it to the final battle with Karzoug, the wizard will be able to save himself a spell slot by not having to cast Grease. They can just unwrap those original bars of soap and toss them on the floor while Kyra casts Create Water. Then just sit back and watch a 10,000-year-old 20th level transmuter dance like an octopus in roller skates.