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The Kitsune Player Companion I've Always Wanted!


Ever since the Kitsune Race was first introduced I've always wanted to have more options when playing them. We have waited, and Alexander Augunas has answered. While I do feel the focus was too much on far eastern themes the material given was greatly enjoyed. While I though the magical tails feats were underwhelming when they were first released, Alex has found a way to implement them into new race options greatly enjoyed. the crunch and fluff were all exceedingly well done I did feel there was alot of focus on the use of Ki but nonetheless every option desired works well.

In many ways this 30 page PDF gives us what we desired with perhaps a slight lack of Golarion details and connections. but until the guys at Paizo can give us something that can top this, I say if you like Kitsune, This is a must buy!

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A good addition with a great archetype.


I don't normally review products, and I normally don't buy third party products, but after looking for gunslinger archetypes and stumbling unto this product I decided "what the heck, it's only a dollar."

Well worth the dollar!

The additional options for dhampirs expanded from where the ARG and Blood of the Night lacked were a wonderful addition to the gameplay, but the archetype was the kingpin in my opinion, summonable mount, reliance on charisma and horrors of a lone stranger made this product pop!

The only reason why it's 4 stars is because of its small length of 4 pages. Would have loved to see more! Keep up the good work AA. :)