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I'm not quite understanding how the GM credit is applied for this scenario. Does it have to be applied to first level characters like the players? And how does earning work for multiple sessions?


Posting in hopes that Paizo will make iCrit and iFumble support family sharing in IOS8!


cartmanbeck wrote:
From what I understand, Alison, the reason they made a whole new base set was because the general theme of the monsters, boons, and characters is totally different for Skull & Shackles. If you were playing S&S and ran into a grizzly bear when you're supposed to be sailing around on a ship, it doesn't make as much sense as running into a Pirate Captain or having a ship-to-ship battle. There just isn't enough overlap between the cards required to make an immersive game in each of the two adventure paths to be able to share very many of the cards.

Thanks for the response, I can't deny that make sense. I do hope in time they will come out with adventure packs that can applied to one of the existing base sets!

Allison R

I am curious as to why each adventure path has it's own base set rather than a general base set for the game that adventure decks can be added to? We're really loving the card game, but at $160.00 from start to finish, it does feel like it's on the expensive side. It would be nice to be able to play Skull & Shackles with my original base set. It feels a bit like being asked to buy a new Core Rulebook each time our RPG group wanted to play a new AP. What was the rationale behind a new set for each AP?

Allison R

My husband and I recently moved to Grand Junction, CO and are looking for a Pathfinder group to join or other players who would like to play. We are experienced players and would be willing to host the game if others are interested. Evenings and weekends both work for us and we're open to frequency, we're missing our regular gaming group from Denver and would just like some people to game with!


I can help thinking that Milani wasn't in favor of Issara settling down and ruling ;)

The sounds of the mob echoed in the night, waking Issara from her restless sleep. The flames of the torches and the screams of the dying sent her to her knees in prayer, she gloried in the hand of her radiant Goddess as the she heard the sound of the castle gates falling. She was at peace when the door to her room broke open, soon she would be at Milani's side...

-Issara, Three Rivers High Priestess and Adventurer