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yahboy wrote:

Amulet of Kings

Often a simple royal crest on a plain copper chain, this amulet protects the wearer from most forms of death and capture. Crafted to protect royalty, it is guarded by nondetection and does not appear magical.

The amulet is activated automatically or via mental command. Events rendering the wearer unable to activate it (including charm effects, lethal damage, petrification and unconsciousness) will do so automatically. If the wearer can command it (when grappled, paralyzed or silenced, for example), it stays dormant.

When activated, it transports the wearer to the refuge identified at the time of creation, but free of the effects of the triggering action. Simultaneously, the amulet polymorphs into a replica of the wearer, including wounds sustained and conditions such as petrification. If the effect was non-lethal, the simulacrum has Intelligence of 0, rendering it permanently unconscious. When mentally triggered, the wearer chooses either a lifeless or unconscious duplicate.

After 20 minutes, the amulet reverts to normal.

The Amulet of Kings must be worn for 24 hours before it will function.

Strong Abjuration; CL 15; Craft Wondrous Item, break enchantment, heal, nondetection, polymorph any object, refuge, restoration, greater; Price 91,980 gp

Though I'm really happy with the interesting aspects of it (you are seemingly killed by the attack or commit suicide but then vanish mysteriously leaving only a piece of jewelry behind), it's really more of a DM item. And I imagine it just had too much going on.

And I've always wondered how those rulers stay in power once there's all these uber-characters running around. I figured this was the answer.

(somebody give me something to write on, dammit!)

The Chatty DM wrote:

Thanks Clark, Erik and Wolfgang,

I'm really nervous... but also, win or lose, oh so curious to see the items. I have a game Friday and I'm always looking for new goodies.

I'm hoping my DM isn't paying too close attention - don't want to give him any ideas, he's already gotten really nasty with the pseudonatural template, doesn't need beaucoup magic items too.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
The alternates will be notified, but not posted. They'll have to submit countries under the same deadline as the top 32, so they will be at neither an advantage or a disadvantage should they be promoted.
We've revised this. The alternates will be posted. You can think of them as "Honorable Mentions—with Potential."


I'm actually hoping not to be an alternate. Talk about your basic kick in the appropriate pair of poorly placed highly vital organs.

Gary Teter wrote:
If only there was some sort of way to see into the future for our site....


And the directory is protected, too, so there's no way to see what other teases are out there! Double Secret Tease!!