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The revised PDF (8/22) is correct except for the starship DCs they still show 2x even though Physical shows 1-1/2

It seems the physical product has been updated with the new DC's but the download still is the old PDF with the higher multiplier DC.

It seems the physical one was updated with the new numbers. I thought that the PDFs are updated when the physical ones are.

I use Fantasy Grounds and love it. The ground combat game is very automated. It assists tracking hits, damage, resolve, targeting, conditions and effects currently. The possibilities double with custom effects that are much easier to deal with than the API in Roll20.

The space combat is still beta with some development problems (Lead got sick and left), but is as usable as Roll20 which essentially is a digital paper with no automation. There are workarounds in FG to provide some automation but require DM effort.

I started on Roll20 with 5E, but once I decided to try FG never went back.

The only thing that Roll20 currently has over FG in my opinion is the map drawing tools. This however is being resolved with FG Unity (new version of FG) which will come out in December.

SFS01-08 Sanctuary of Drowned Delight also is missing the checkbox. I reported it on a separate thread. Missing Extra Wayfinder box.

The additional wayfinder reputation is not showing up when I try to report it, just has the normal rep area and A through D box.

The additional dataphile reputation is not showing up when I try to report it, just has the normal rep area and A through D box.

Lol well can't control that one Metaphysician. Yeah I like
breithauptclan interpretation, allow the second PC to use a full action to grant the PC a save, doesn't say that someone else can but i think it meets the spirit of the action economy.

I am ok with the outcome, was just making sure I wasn't missing something in the rules. Thanks for the answers!

PC was a bit away from the group got a nasty crit and everyone was to far (Encounter 1 in AP1) He went right they went left. They didn't have any serums, or much of anything in the ways of equipment. I allowed them to spend an action to put him out despite not finding it in the rules, just doing research after the fact for next time.

Yes but the save is at the end of the turn. If he takes damage at start of his turn with 0 RP left he dies. No party member can intervene on their turn without an extinguisher. Giving him a bonus on his turn is too late as he dies before he gets that save at the end of the turn since he takes damage with 0 RP.

Jhaeman wrote:
You still get saves even while helpless (just your chances of making them are slim since your Dex mod drops to -5). I would interpret other PCs trying to put them out (stamping, clothes, etc.) as Aid Another on the save. Something like a fire extinguisher I would treat as automatic.

Well fire extinguisher I think says as much in book. I guess what I am trying to find is on the other PCs turn. Because if the dying PC doesn't have resolve points left he wont get another turn to use that aid another bonus on as the damage is applied at start of turn and save is at end. This was a level 1 PC it happen to.

Im trying to find in the rules a specific case in which a player goes down with the burn condition from a crit. He takes damage and loses 1 RP and if he stabilizes using RP he then goes back down as soon as he takes more damage next round from my read of the rules.

Using common sense, which I understand the rules don't necessarily follow, he doesn't get that reflex save since he is unconscious although no where does it state that in writing.

In lieu of a fire extinguisher how does a separate PC put him out within the bounds of the rules without DM agency?

1) Does the PC get the reflex save with the penalties for being helpless?
2) Does it state anywhere how a different PC can put the fire out without a fire extinguisher, action kind or save etc?

The additional exo guardian reputation is not showing up when I try to report it, just has the normal rep area and A through D box.

It seems to me like they are throwing in some of that content in the AP books.

I also have this question