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TwoWolves wrote:
But still, $100 for 36 fragile resin minis isn't for me. I have backed or contributed to three Reaper Bones Kickstarters and gotten WAY more minis for my investment, including some very large monsters that I would NEVER have gotten in metal due to price. Bones may not hold the same level of detail, but I can literally throw my painted Bones mini across the room or off the roof or into a Tupperware box with dozens of others like it with no fear of breaking the model. Every other resin mini I've ever painted had to be treated like a vial of nitroglycerine.

I guess it depends on the type of Resin. I've used a lot of resin miniatures for games like Blood Bowl, where the miniatures are constantly handled, knocked around and laid down on the board, and haven't had issues with them breaking.

Maybe if I was worried the people I play with would be rough with the miniatures I'd be concerned, but in that event I'd be worried if they were made out of metal also. I'd rather have highly detailed miniatures and be a bit more careful with them than lower detailed miniatures that could be stepped on with no worries, but it's all preference.

The comment on it from ND in the KS comments:

"We are committing to resin manufacturing, and have several manufacturing partners to consider before aligning to a specific one - different materials are used, we require that the resin is resistant to brittle breakage, and has a little flexibility to aid with demolding and prevent breakage - but other than that, we will determine before going to final."

Edenwaith wrote:
Thank GAWD! I was able to cancel my pledge. Pre-painted or nothing.

I actually wouldn't be backing if it WAS pre-painted. I have never been impressed with pre-painted miniatures. On miniatures as detailed as these should be, I see a basic pre-painted job on them looking worse than even just a white basecoat.

As far as the complaints from other Kickstarter projects leaking into the Starfinder project, it's getting kind of old at this point. I would be surprised if I added up all the comments made so far and didn't find the majority of them were from people backing at the $1 pledge just so they could warn other people off from backing.

I read the comments and the history on the past projects, but still feel comfortable enough to back, but it's getting old when I go to the comments hoping to read conversation about the project or comments from ND but just find a bunch of comments from people telling me I'm an idiot if I back this project.

The order is currently still Pending, and I noticed the address it is being sent to is my old address. I was hoping this could be changed to the current address I have set as Default on my account before it's shipped so that the package isn't delivered to the wrong house.

AntediluvianXIII wrote:

Any chance of a 2nd Edition reprint?? This Mo'fos asking ££££$$$$$ for a mint set:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/1601253443/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8& amp;condition=new


Agreed. Had to scrounge really hard to find a site that had the Friends & Foes deck, but it looks like the Urban NPC's deck is completely gone aside from the inflated Amazon listings.

It would be pretty great if these were republished.