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Doesn't include everything and work is required to make full use of these maps.


I bought this because I wanted all of the maps used in the campaign without markings, and the description told me this was my ticket to happiness. Unfortunately, while it does have much of what I've seen in the core book, I have already noticed it's missing things like the map grid for the very first encounter when the goblins attack the festival, meaning I need to try and get that out of the book itself, but in the book it has DM markings on it, which is why I'd hoped it would be in this PDF.

Also a disappointment is that it seems the intent of this PDF is for printer use, but if you try to scale up the image to a size where you could actually use the maps to place miniatures on it, the image is low resolution.

I had actually been intending to use this in conjunction with the 3D Virtual Tabletop, but it looks like I also can't just copy and paste the maps out of the document, so I will likely have to try and extract them with Photoshop, making even that a pain.

All in all, there are a lot of maps in here, and it is great you can turn off the DM notes, but they are also low resolution, don't seem to be all that easy to use for actual gameplay (unless you just want them as map reference sheets) and don't include ALL of the maps and locations pictured in the core book. Knowing what I know now, I would probably still buy it, because these maps aren't really available elsewhere unmarked for player use, but I am still going to have to do a lot of work with them to make them usable, and also still have to search around looking for missing maps and locations that the product description implied were in this document.