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A good product but missing a couple pawns

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I am halfway through the skull and shackles ap, and have been buying the paper minis. I was very excited to see these. They do not disappoint. They are a great alternative to paying a lot for the plastic minis but still add a lot of flavor to the experience.

My only complaint is that it seems there is a couple of missing monsters. The jellyfish swarm and xtabays and tojinada. There may be others missing but I am not too far in the ap. otherwise a good product.

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Not as great as I hoped.

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I have previously purchased map foilio's for Serpents Skull, and Kingmaker, both of which I enjoyed. This Map Folio was a bit lackluster for me. I just don't see much use for these maps in game. They look nice and the Inked map looks great, but I wish labels were on the shackles map. I will probably be using my shackles book to find out where anything is located and will probably sharpie on the labels. Basically with the inked map and the other one of the shackles you almost get 2 maps of the same area. Just with a difference in style.

I guess I was hoping for a map that the DM could use for encounter locations or PC stops, and a map that the players could use to look at to get reference points of location.