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Ah eberron, one of my favorite DnD settings(I would be using fate for it instead of pathfinder/dnd.) I love the setting. Anyways here are my ideas and suggestions. Keep in mind i haven't ran this AP

book 1: Your idea of tying it into the war is good. Of course most of the ghosts are the enemies in this adventure. I would make sure you play up that, or perhaps they just wanted to be criminals. they shouldn't be too sympathetic.

Book 2: while it is true that warforged are more accepted and common. There are a few things to play with her. First is that a good number of people don't like them and hate them. They only appeared at the end of the last war. If Leipidstat or what ever is taking its place suffered a heavy assult by warforged during the war, they might have reasons to hate them.

Second only house Carrnith knows how to make warforged, and even then it is illegal for them to do so. It is not illegal for others to do so, but as only Carrnith knows how to; their results are likely to be not as good as carrnith, and could result in a frankenstien monster.

Book 3: the biggest issue in Eberron relating to werewolves is that they have been wiped out by the silver flame by the present. of course, you could have a few surviving in the woods which means people would not believe in them till they started to see them for themselves.

Book 4: I would advise against the mournland, instead their are plenty of other eldtrich monsters to use in Eberron. You have the dark six, the Daelkyr, the cult of the dragons below, and so on. Keep it in Karnath but use one of these guys instead. I myself would go with the cults of the dragon below and maybe the daelkyr as the entity they worship.

Book 5: teaming up with vampires to stop a killer, how could this be adapted... *looks to the king of Karnath that is trying to keep the next great war from happening* yea, this one is easy, either an agent of the king or Kaius himself. I would also throw out plenty of clues and red-hearings, make people question if it is the work of the blood of Vol or another nation.

Book 6: While you don't fight Tar-Baphon here, you do stop him from being released. From what it seems this should be easy to keep as it is.

From what I have read about the AP is that things are not as tied together as in other APs, for this matter I would use the order of the Emerald Claw as the big bad for the AP, with their leader being Tar-Baphon or his expy you are using.

Keep in mind they were once a respected knightly order in Karranth where they were the elite of the elite. Now though they are disgraced and tied to the Blood of Vol, and function as terrorists. It also has the effect that any Karranath Nationalists would be rather supportive of stopping them, for they are hated in Karrnath since they give a bad name to their kingdom.

I hope this gives you ideas and helps you out. :)

James Jacobs wrote:
vyshan wrote:
I thought with paladins when law conflicted with goodness, goodness wins out over law? thus good>law, thus good for this campaign as you will be going screw the law but since the law is evil, it is okay for paladins to agree with that.

Depends ENTIRELY on the paladin. Paladins of Shelyn and Sarenrae would certainly go this route, but I doubt a paladin of Abadar or Irori would.

What of Paladins of Iomadea, I ask because if I was running this AP, I would have some cells or groups play up Iomadea's Chelixan heretiage. Not sure if that will be referenced in the AP but I would play that up for some people, especailly the more nationalistic members.

James Jacobs wrote:

vyshan wrote:

In a more serious question: How difficult would it be if a PC was a member of a major noble house in Cheliax, or perhaps even from House Thune?
Being a member of a noble house is an option in the AP (It'll be part of the player's guide), but being a member of Thrune isn't. I suppose, actually, you COULD be... but you'd have to be an outcast, and that might stretch believability once the AP gets underway that the government doesn't track down your wayward character and accident them into the river.

Cool. Of course these sort of things is what make for interesting story telling. A distant thune cousin getting cought up in the rebellion, perhaps out of kindness or really believing it or perhaps out of a desire for power. Still interesting stories can come out of this.

I thought with paladins when law conflicted with goodness, goodness wins out over law? thus good>law, thus good for this campaign as you will be going screw the law but since the law is evil, it is okay for paladins to agree with that.

In a more serious question: How difficult would it be if a PC was a member of a major noble house in Cheliax, or perhaps even from House Thune?

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Here is another question: Being that I am a polytheist IRL, why not be a polytheist in golarian; particularly for this AP. Why not have someone that worships both Iomadae and Caydian Calian, or all the good deties that have been mentioned here.

I like Iomadae because she was Cheliaxian before her ascension. I can see worshipers of her supporting a rebellion to bring the goodness that they know that exist in chelixans that Thune has smashed; and to turn the empire into well a good empire.

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James Jacobs wrote:
This will not be an "always happy revolution." There will be blood, and there will be some tough choices. Most of this stuff will be condensed into one adventure of course...

That makes me happy. :)

Also I wonder if the players can set the course of the revolution that is going on. For instance fighting to make Kintargo and the area its own independent nation, say like Andoran, or perhaps fight to redeem the name of Chelixans and fight to put a good empress on the throne of Cheliax or even turn it into a republic.

I hope this AP highlights the dark side of revolutions. You know reigns of terror, chaos, looting, and all that jazz that tends to come with revolutions.

It makes things more interesting. Since this is the Chaotic good AP this can show off the good side of the characters as well as the chaotic side.

What would the heroes/Heroines do if they see executions of nobles who benifited in some way from Thune's rule? let them be executed, support it, or stop them. What about someone from house Thune itself, who perhaps didn't agree with the devil worship, but because she is a member of House Thune, a mob forms to lynch her. Again, how do the heroes react.

A number of scenerios could form of how the heroes and heroines show off that they are good as well as prevent the revolution from going down a dark road.

As this would be a fantastical Earth, and more specifically the whole reign of winter has a lot of Slavic mythology elements, feel free to crib from that. Maybe a few of the soldiers being surprised that the legends are real, some not caring, some disbelieving that you are not-human. Of course it could be also that an Aasamir might be viewed as an angel sent from Heaven by God, or that you are demons from hell.

As for magic, the late Victorian age actually was a height for occult groups, this is when the famous order of the golden dawn existed. Perhaps the clerics are viewed as holy mystics of God.

I want to see a taldor AP; one can work with both ideas of JJ and Rob;

The PCs could be the scions of a noble house, or adopted into one by the end of the first adventure. The others would be about bringing glory back and removing corrupt nobles from power. A return to a noble monarchy; with perhaps the latter parts also engaging in diplomacy to Qadira.

I also would love to see a geb AP

replace all super-science with magic?

So instead of laser guns you got ancient magic devices?
androids = golems

and so on.

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For Numeria, I would look at the John Carter series by edgar rice burroughs as to me that is what Numeria makes me think of.

I love cheliex, it is a great evil nation.

My main thing is that I want to see the rebellion have to deal with the effects that a rebellion would bring, all that chaos and disorder. Revolutions are not pretty things; and while house thune should be destroyed, how much damage would they cause in the destruction.

I want to see how a rebel group of CG would deal when they learn that one of there major allies is a cult of a demon lord.

I want to see tough moral choices for the rebels, ie do just slaughter all those that fought with House Thune, even if they were forced into it or did not want to. If a mob calls for the blood of innocent lives, would these heroes go with it or do something?

Basically, give me tough choices. The rebels should not be all good, but house thune is an evil that must be destroyed.

Gasp! wrote:
vyshan wrote:
I hope that the AP shows that not every rebel is a good person, Demon worshipers and anarachists. After all, this can show some great moral choices for what does a paladin do when a normal noble family(perhaps Imodean but still nobles) are being hung up and facing mob justice, ala the french revolution?

We decapitated them. Way better when you have to make a statement.

And if your really want some french revolution gone horribly wrong, just go to Galt. Those guys are really friendly with strangers.

Well I want to see the revolution start to spiral out of control for a few reasons.

1.) revolutions tend to be chaotic events where things easily spiral out of control, look at the french and russian revolutions. yes pathfinder is escapism, but I like grittyness and darkness and I want to see that the revolutionaries are not all good.

After all wouldn't demon worshipers be vocal supporters of a revolution :P

2.) but it also gives truely noble characters ala paladins a chance to shine by allowing them opprutnites to sway a mob from mob justice and show true justice.

I hope that the AP shows that not every rebel is a good person, Demon worshipers and anarachists. After all, this can show some great moral choices for what does a paladin do when a normal noble family(perhaps Imodean but still nobles) are being hung up and facing mob justice, ala the french revolution?

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:

Thank you, that is quite helpful and just what I am looking for. :)

Nathan Nasif wrote:
That is for Pathfinder RPG. In Golarion, it has been stated many times by the developers, a cleric must worship a particular deity, and your patron deity must be within one step of your alignment.

and that is part of why I do not like it. Clerics should worship the other deities; They focus on making sure that the rites and lore about their particular deity is known. But that does not mean they do not worship the other gods.

Of course mechanics are not an issue since I am using the FATE system.


I am curious what people use for names for Osirion? Particularly for surnames/clan names/family names/last names? Ancient Egyptian names tended to lack surnames. So, what resources do others look for when coming up with names for Osirion characters?



One thing to keep in mind is that Egyptian Religion is not just its mythology, We tend to focus on the mythologies of different cultures, wheather they be greek, egyptian or what not. But while important to religion, it is not the end of it.

Also the egyptian religion is still practiced today, Kemeticism as it is called.

This article however is of great use to me for my version of Osirion. They are not the deities of just 'ancient' Osirion, but modern Osirion. The current Ruby Prince is encouraging a massive cultural revival, and that also includes the old gods of Osirion are now being promoted once again.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:

Now, since Clerics must be monotheistic in Golarion, Oracles are your go-to class for a polytheistic Divine spell caster, but it's not hard-wired in.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it does.

Ancient Greece was a polytheistic society; it's in fact, what many people first think of when they are asked to name such a society. That doesn't mean that there weren't priests of specific gods. Lacoon, son of Acoetes, for example, was a priest of Poseidon; the Pythoness was a priestess of Apollo.

Basically, being a priest of your specific (patron) god is a job, but that doesn't mean that you don't recognize and respect other deities. It just means that your job is to do the rites for this particular one.

In a similar fashion, Jeeves is the manservant to Bertie Wooster, but that doesn't mean that Jeeves doesn't recognize the existence of Bingo Little, Gussie Fink-Nottle, or Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright, Beefy Bingham, Tuppy Glossop, or the rest of the Drones Club. One would hardly call him a believer in monoDronism.

Bingo! that is what I am looking at when it comes to clerics.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Snipped info

Thanks for the information, so it seems like there is not as much I would have to change.

BTW I am also a follower of a polytheistic religion, Hellenismos. :)

Deadmanwalking wrote:

Muad'Dib wrote:

Correct me if I'm wrong but the Oracle is a polytheist. At least in that they worship various gods that fit their ethos.


You're sorta right, but not really. An Oracle can be a polytheist, or a monotheist, or an atheist. Faith is simply not the source of their powers.

Now, since Clerics must be monotheistic in Golarion, Oracles are your go-to class for a polytheistic Divine spell caster, but it's not hard-wired in.

BaronBytes wrote:
Wasn't there a pantheistic cathedral in Sandpoint?
Yes. Though the current Cleric there is Desnan.

That is one thing I sort of dislike. Clerics in DnD/pathfinder are seem to be about 'converting' people to the worship of your god, when that is n't what they would do. Priests of say in ancient greece did not go around saying "don't worship Appollo worship Artemis instead"

Of course this is easier to change, as I am not using pathfinder system; I am using FATE instead.

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One of my major dnd bugbears and issues I have with it is how the way it handles polytheism. Mostly in how it feels nothing like actual polytheism. By this I mean the polytheism that one might see in ancient Greece/Rome/Egypt. which also means, less of a focus on 'holy war' and 'heresies'.

I am curious how much I might have to change as I want to have this sort of polytheism be the main religious way I like the various gods, but I want to have more of a focus on polytheism. Where in a major city, you can find temples to many deities including some minor ones and visiting them for your various needs is just part of every day life.

One of the things that thus comes out of this, is the wondering if they have ever written up what sort of offerings are given to the deities? One of the things that is done in polytheistic religions, weather it be Kemeticism, Hellenismos, Shintoism and so on are offerings to the deities. Not the cliche fantasy human virgin offerings, but food, drinks, items and so on. So I am curious if this have ever been written up.



So basically military stratagies would look more like ww2, modern or even futuristic stratagies and tactics then medieval, reneassiance, or antiquity tactics/stratagies?

there is bartering as an economic system, which I would imagine among many tribal people would be the main system of exchange of goods.

James a few qustions!

1.) have you looked at Shadows of Esteren? if so thoughts on it?

2.) what do you think of fate points, bennies, style points and similar mechanics that reward you for roleplaying and allowing you to do cinamatic cool stuff? :)


James Jacobs wrote:
ulgulanoth wrote:
James we recently finished a PF game based on modules by Paizo, so our gaming group is left with a vacant slot, but to complicate matters half our group wants to try something other than pathfinder, so any recommendations on what we should play next?

Not knowing what your group's tastes are like... I have only my own tastes.

My favorite other RPG is Call of Cthulhu. In a lot of ways, its play experience is the opposite what you get with a game like Pathfinder where so much of the focus is on tactical combats and the increasing power of your character. Which means that Call of Cthulhu is very likely to NOT be enjoyable to a group that loves leveling characters and revels in the details of tactical round-by-round combat... but if your'e looking for a change of pace, it's perfect.

Another option is the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. I finally got a chance to play it for real (not with demo cards or playtest stuff) last night, and it's really really really fun!

You can also go retro, and play Star Frontiers or Gamma World, or try out one of the newer retro games like Lamentations of the Flame Princess or Dungeon Crawl Classics.

I would agree with James on Call of Cthulhu, you can also pick up the core book for BRP, CoC uses BRP btw. the core book has things for variant magic systems and IIRC non-humans.

A few other systems I recommend are:

Savage worlds: this is an awesome system. quick and easy. Also it is not to different from dnd/pathfinder, though the magic system is not vancian((thank th gods)) It has bennies, which is something I love

Fate: if you want something really different, give fate a shot. Fate by evil hat studios is awesome. Now it is a bit different from your dnd/pathfinder, but particularly for those that love narratives in game this is just awesome.

Ubiquity: Ubiquity is a fun system. It is what powers Hollowed earth expedition and All for one. If you like fast cinematic games try this out :)

I wonder if Razamir himself honestly thinks he is a god or if he knows he is not a god.

Giant robots vs dions!


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zimmerwald1915 wrote:
A semi-related question: what happens if you cast commune intending to contact Razmir? Are you answered? If so, by whom? If the being who answers the commune is not Razmir, who might it be?

The goddess of Illusions. she is supporting him as an elaborate illusion :)


I want to know more about the hobgoblin land and post-apoctiplic kraken ruled swampland xD

What I love about Tian Xia, is that it is not just chinese and Jappanese bases but also various other south asian cultures. :)


1.) How much trade on the west coast of Garund goes on to provide for piracy?

2.) what sort of look and feel do you think Sargava has?


I am not a fan of time travel for games, gets complicated :P

Though I am excited for this AP far more then I am excited for the current one, wrath of the rightious :)

James jacob stated that "I've always envisioned Cheliax as being a pre-renaissance look... or even full on renaissance. Lots of ostentatious clothing. Check out the art in the Council of Thieves Adventure Path for lots of examples."

So that is an example of what he said anyways. :)

I am curious James, what sort of look and feel for the tech of Numeria do they have?

I am curious how possible would it be for the PCs to be opposing the children of westcrown? some of my players like to play more loyal chelish people, or members of the church of Asmodeus. So I am curious, since allying with revolutionaries is probaly not a goal for them.

Matthew Downie wrote:
Generally I'd go with a "No." If they say they grant XP, they do. Otherwise, they don't. You can't meet a friendly Great Wyrm Gold Dragon and get the same experience as if you'd defeated it in combat.

hence murderhobos! killing guys and taking their stuff, after all the xp can't be gaind by talking. I mean a diplomat dedicated to keeping peace between two nations that want to kill each other and is level 7 lets say, he is a grand advisor dude. That must have been a good number of things he slaughtered despite not being a guy to fight others. :P

sillyness aside, I will go with A HELL YES here. If you are a player in my game and you manage to convience a band of orcs to not kill you and attack the village, a very difficult feat but possible. then you might get as much if not more xp if you were to kill them.

of course I despise hack and slash, and prefer Immersive games. So what I give exp out for are things that are well experinces, not just killing things. Obviously if you don't learn much from one thing, less you get. but some things can be just as important that do not involve killing.

I actually did not know there was a chelixan language mentioned in RotRL. This however will be something that I do add and use. I am not a fan of 'common' yes common is taldane IG but still.

So to me Chelish and Taldane would be similar but different languages. Sort of how like some of the romance languages are similar to each other yet seperate languages.

totally have dalek expys as an enemy in Iron Gods!

James Jacobs wrote:
vyshan wrote:

So James,

Will this AP be playing with clarke's third law and its correllory? If so? this makes it even more awesome!

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
"Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology."

To a certain extent, yes, in that some of the technological items will have effects very similar to if not EXACTLY similar to existing spells and magic items.

To another extent, no, since technological items won't be detectable via detect magic. ** spoiler omitted **

well replying to the spoiler

Considering that nearly everything can be described as technology to some degree.

I know that for me I am representing the Numaria tech in savage worlds with the weird science edge; it is built in with a roll to see how bad things malfunction when they do. :)

hey James,

some questions!

1.)would the races of Tian xia be able to be found in the inner sea, the tengu, kitsune and so on.

2.) What style of dress does cheliax have? are they mainly medieval european? renassaince? or is it a mix from around the world? I had thought that perhaps people from Sargava, some nobles might have adopted Saris and similar garmets such as Sarongs for men. odd question, but it helps to capture the feel if I can tell how a person dresses

3.) How does Andoran's democracy work? Is it corrupt machine politics? corrupt bankers buying votes? political appointes? I would imagine that it can be corrupt with groups like the lumber consortium around?

4.) Aside from the Lumber consortium what sort of darker things exist in Andorian?


So James,

Will this AP be playing with clarke's third law and its correllory? If so? this makes it even more awesome!

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
"Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology."

oh another idea!

monster pets of Golarion: needs a better title, but this is a book dealing with the more monsterous creatures that you can get as animal companions, familars and so on. For instance dinosaurs as animal companions should be in this book.

We had an animal book for this thing, so a more monsterous one would be cool :)

I like to mix and match fashions from all over the world in my game. So I mix in a bit of indian, venetian/italian and spanish clothing for my Cheliax.

The things I want to keep in mind when describing fashion.

1.) Class divide: I like to try and keep in mind how a poor person might dress vs rich vs middle class. How might an elite night be armed compared to milita and so on.

2.) regions of where someone comes from. for instance, how might a sargavan colonial* dress compared to a westcrown native. how might a rural chelish man/woman dress compared to a city one. How might a man from kintargo dress that is different from west crown.

While some might be subtle, like the noble from Kintargo might dress in heavier clothes then the west crown noble, I feel it adds to the feeling.

*Note: IMC cheliax owns Sargava, Isger and Kovosa as colonies and Nidal pays them tribute.


Is there a connection between Queen Galfrey of Mendev and the home of the time lords, planet Gallifrey?


Alexander Augunas wrote:
Patrick Renie wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Patrick Renie wrote:
ChaosDoughnut wrote:
“People of” and “of Golarion“ stuff for Tian-Xia would be pretty cool. Kitsune, Nagaji, Wanshou, Hongal, Minkai... there are plenty of good topics to take a stab at.
Actually, you might take a look at the Dragon Empires Primer, which is pretty much exactly what you're talking about.
I think you might be misinterpreting ChaosDoughnut here, Patrick. He's saying that we could use some expansion on those topics. Two or three paragraphs about the kitsune will NEVER satisfy me! D:
Ha! Fair. This is not the first time I have seen people asking for more info on the races of the Dragon Empires. :]
I wonder how many of those times was me, screaming, "Kitsune, Patrick, KITSUNE!" at the top of my voice?

I want Tengu first before Kitsune, but kitsune would be cool. But I love Tengu, so I want the avians first. :)

James Jacobs wrote:

4) Said chances increase exponentially if we do an Adventure Path set in one of them.

5) Same as 4 above.

Well there was the Cheliax AP but no book about Cheliax, beyond the player companion. So is Cheliax, still possible to have another AP there?

Also when would we learn more about Vudra and Casmaron?

hey james,

1.)What type accent would a cheliaxian have? this goes for all the main ethnicities of golarion would have?

2.) what do you think of Savage Worlds?

3.) what realm would be the closet to ancient greece, I am thinking of Thuvia but would like to hear your thoughts

4.) since you are doing another player companion that deals with Osirion, which had one in the past. What are the chances of getting a new Cheliax, Taldor, Andorian and Qadira player companion?

5.) related, what is the possibilities of getting a Cheliax, Talador, Andoran, and Qadira campaign setting book?


I would imagine that in Brevory, Taldor, Cheliax, Ustalav would not mind Homosexuality. I imagine that in the rural parts of these realms a homosexual relationship means that in the future less mouths to feed, though of course without children, though with magic I am sure homosexual couples could a find a way to have children; then that will mean less people to work on the farms.

For the nobles or others that are considered about lineage, inheritance and things like that then the marriages would be mainly straight, of course most nobles tend to marry for politics not love anyways. I can imagine them turning a blind eye to an concubine of the same sex as long as they make sure that their family line continues so that their son/daughter could say inherit the wealth of both families.

those are just two ideas/thoughts.

One thing I would be curious about, perhaps in an upcoming Qadira book, I at least hope for more info on this area, is an exploration of gender roles here. Since in Qadira, a lot of gender roles are a bit different. It is women with more power, not men; even if they can have multiple wives and what not. The books do indicate that it is slightly tilted more towards women then men, and exploring this would be interesting.

I would not like it if it was just filled with troop statistics. What I would like it is if it mentioned common military tactics, life in their armies, and so on.

hey james,

What are the human ethnicity of Brevory and Ustalav?


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Backfromthedeadguy wrote:
The news has become a confessional of the growing depravity that is humanity. Mass shootings on an almost weekly basis, babies being shot in their strollers, old men beaten to death and random bystanders killed because some punks were "bored". Then, when these people are arrested it takes years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get through the legal procedures before justice is finally served (and many times it simply isn't). But how would a highly trained authoritative figure like Judge Dredd change things? Would real justice be served or will freedoms be lost in the pursuit of hard but (hopefully) fair sentencing?

actually this is a false image because of the media believes violence is what sells os that is what they tell their audiance that the world is a scary place and a what not. and because that is what they are telling we cultivate a world view that it is more dangerous then it really is; the so called cultivation theory or the mean world syndrome.

But No, I do not believe in a system like judge dredd. Surely our system can be reformed, but the concept of checks and balances does help to make things more fair IMO

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