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Any likelihood of a print on demand option via Drivethru RPG or similar? Postage from the states is a killer!

Will the hardcover be available post kickstarter? I am a little full up on Pathfinder stuff at the moment and $135 to ship to UK is a little expensive.

I think I will have to wait until it comes to retail - $55 shipping is just too much

I would clean up the English a bit, as it gives a bad impression of the product.

For example:

"The campaign setting is unique from Paizo's Golarion, and WotC's Dark Sun and Eberron because of several reasons"

would be better as

"The campaign setting is different from Paizo's Golarion, WotC's Dark Sun and Eberron for several reasons"

You cannot be unique from something else - you can only be unique

"... the Phaeselis Campaign is one where a lot of blood, sweat, and tears were poured into."

Does not read quite right:

"...the Phaeselis Campaign has had blood, sweat, and tears poured into it."

is better

"This means that Ageoi, Psions, and Wilders"

What are Ageoi? Is this meant to be Aegis?

"The idea is not that it's valuable to me, but the campaign setting is valuable to itself."

Not sure what this is meant to mean

I am a value creator, so its my job to create values or to produce values for you to enjoy

How do you produce values? What does that mean?

I think you need an editor to catch these, so I would budget for one in your kickstarter budget

As I already have Monk reborn and Fistful, Could I get The Runemage?


This seems to have stalled - after such a quick start. I would have thought that the RGG name would have sold this.

I think the lack of hardcover until $25000 may have been part of the issue - you did not get the $100+ pledges from people wanting the Hardcover.

Still astonished that you are no longer trending to the target - it looks good to me

Interjection Games wrote:
There will be a survey, mate. No worries. :)


I have increased by pledge $5 to $30 - I assume I specify the add on at the end? I did not seem to get an option to specify an add on


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Does this mean that at some point there will be a book called "Really Ultimate Psionics, no this time we really mean it?"

Some decent melee options would be good, and your description sounds interesting. I would like to see what your balance approach does to a class. Oddly may make a better spell caster in a low magic campaigns as the access a couple of levels later could make it less game breaking.

The ethermancer is a spell point system with regeneration, and is a little over complex

The Invoker is a much more straight forward class with the blast with blast traits and at will incantations that are basically spells at will, although often with long casting times. Lacks obvious melee options. DOes have different pact types with different bonuses, akin to Sorcerer bloodlines

Some quick thoughts:

I liked the concept - at will vs limited times per day

Could do with a little more to do, vs blasting every round

I would like concepts apart from the dark compact idea - different power sources etc

It would need sprucing up as 10d6/round at level 20 does not do much compared to other classes in PF

Probably separate out the blast shapes, blast effects and non-blast related powers.

There are plenty of versions out there already - the Ethermancer from interjection games, the Invoker from Little Red Goblin, and various homebrew ones from the boards, not to mention whatever Strange Brew, currently in Kickstarter does with the idea.

What would yours do that these have not done?

Ideas I would like to see - multiple blasts/turn (maybe per attack?), walls of eldritch fire, minor summoning or maybe illusion, perhaps more self status effects - like the one already existing to turning into bats, short range teleport. This takes it close to sorcerer territory, but I think it could be different

I'd love the final copy too!


OK for 300 page Hardcover that is not bad, but it does mean I will not pledge until the stretch goals are reached, which sort of defeats the point...

Of course I realise that I have spent a small fortune on kickstarter Pathfinder things to date, so I suspect I will back this eventually

Is it just me or are these a little expensive? $60 for a softcover book that starts (before stretch goals) at 64 pages. $40 shipping to UK? $10 more to get the PDF?

Even with stretch goals expanding the book these look very expensive

I think I shall have to wait to see what the book is available for post kickstarter.

I'll have one if there is one left!


I too would like to see the house rules, thanks


I managed to buy before you had posted here!

Will you be selling the print/pdf bundle via any UK source? I don't really want to pay to ship from the US if possible.


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Con to Natural armor might be worth considering:
1) The amulet slot is needed for mighty fists, so an alternative natural armor source is useful
2) Several posts have commented that the armor class looks low

This would also fit thematically with the big bruiser who you cannot hurt

Hi - I have been following this, but I still have a very early version of the rules - is there a more recent one floating around?


email address:
vectorious at gmail dot com.

This looks expensive to me: $75 for the book + $40 for shipping.

Some comparisons to other kickstarters:

Necropunk $10 for the Pdf
Primeval Thule: $60 +$20 shipping outside US
Thunderscape: $40+$20 shipping outside US
Sovereign stone: $79 for 3 soft cover books +$29 shipping
Spheres of power: $40+$10 shipping
Ultimate Psionics $100 (but this is a 400+ page book) +$20 shipping.

I think you could stand to cut the prices somewhat! Having said that you are 31% funded already, so maybe you should just ignore me!

I think I might wait until it is release generally and see if I can cut the price a little - shipping in particular.

Soulknife - Adrian the Xeph

Adrian? Adrian?

Not Adrian

Maybe this is a UK/US thing, but in the UK Adrian is a bit, well, normal.

Like calling someone Bob or John.

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Am I the only one who is a bit "Meh" about this?

I don't really use the gods beyond a thumbnail and we already have that - I don't really major on them in anyway in the campaign except for a touch of flavour.

This as a campaign hard cover when the Dragon Empires have just been teased, and there has yet to be a soft cover of each area in detail - it seems a waste of a slot.

I hope that, if this does not do well, they do not rethink further campaign hard covers, as I don't think this will be typical of the reaction you might get to a book covering countries or areas where you might actually adventure.

R. Hyrum Savage wrote:
If there's interest we'll definitely look at the possibility of doing either a POD collection of Talented X, or even as individual books if you combine the Talented book with its corresponding More X Talents.

Maybe collect the first three + expansions and sell as 'Talented classes Volume 1' - I would go with PoD for this, and three would make a decent sized book - worth the postage (I live in the UK)

Are you likely to do an all in one product at some point? The Complete talented or similar?

Maybe even a hard copy book (*coughkickstartercough*)?

I think the Ranger could work with this - the chassis of a lighter armoured skilled fighter with a combat style, but it could easily be moved away from the rest of the concept and provide an interesting alternative to a conventional fighter, especially if you can effectively substitute spells.

You may think that the Barbarian one covers this though

I probably would not be much good at the feedback - I am not a regular enough player, but I will keep on monitoring this thread!



Has there been any progress on this? I was looking forward to buying this!

Paul Watson wrote:
vectorious wrote:

Can I get shipping to the UK if I pledge? How much extra would it be?


It sys an extra $20 for international there somewhere. That's how much I added to get it to the UK.

Thanks - now pledged $120 for the colour one and shipping

Can I get shipping to the UK if I pledge? How much extra would it be?


I found it strange that the human +1 skill point a level was 4RP when so was advanced intelligence which gives you +1 skill point, and then all the other benefits of a higher intelligence.

Like some of the above I am not sure what it should be priced at, but I do know it is badly priced compared to other traits.

The Raven could be called Quoth - as in "Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore'" (with apologies to Pratchett)

The Martial Artist from "a fistful of denarii" would probably meet your requirements for an unarmored swordsman - if only costs a few dollars for 10 base classes - most of them very good.

ciretose wrote:

7 intelligence would historically mean a 70 IQ.

Which is kind of pathetic.

If we assume a 3d6 distribution for ability scores, then the probability of a 7 or below is around 16%. I.e. One in 6 people have an IQ below this. Given the IQ distribution curve corresponds to an IQ of around 85.

This is not that stupid, and probably not unreasonable for a stereotypical "Big Stupid Fighter"


SirUrza wrote:
vectorious wrote:
Can someone point it out to me?
Nothing to point you to. It'll be available some time after GenCon is over. Today is the last day of GenCon, so it's not available.

Thanks for the info

I cannot actually find the print on demand option anywhere on DrivethruRPG. I can see the PDF version, and printed versions of other Malhavoc books, but not Ptolus - am I missing it?

Can someone point it out to me?


If you put both the Psionics unleashed and your new psionics book (which is being published in parts at the moment) into a bumper hardcover, I would pay good money for that.

I have the paperback Psi Unleashed, but regret it is not hardback. Putting the two together would make upgrading much easier.

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There is also a concept that I came across in the series "the Storm light archive" by Brian Sanderson - the Shard wielder

These are warrior who summon a super natural blade with special powers (similar to brilliant energy- cutting through/ignoring armour). The blade can also cut stone etc.

They split into two sorts -

1) A sort of armour bonded sort who also have shard plate - full plate that gives bonuses to strength and dexterity, with short term boosts to huge bonuses (like catching a claw of a colossal creature, or jumping a chasm).

this armour is also immune to brilliant energy by-passing.

2) A sort of assassin type who can bind themselves to other surfaces - walls and ceilings, enabling running on walls, causing items to fall to them or on others.

You win a blade by defeating the existing wielder.

This might suit a prestige class

RJGrady wrote:
Dark_Mistress wrote:

4) Yeah the hunter is somewhat like what I had in mind, but the hunter to me at least is more of a spell-less ranger. What I meant was more of how the barbarian is now, with out the rage and instead a bit more skill heavy. Though that could be done with a archetype I suppose.

Hmm. Between the Fighter and the Hunter, I'm having difficulty imagining what offensive capability a non-raging barbarian would have. What do you see a non-raging barbarian doing?

Hm. What do you think of the barbarian from the Conan RPG?

I was thinking of a more savage class - something that perhaps wears no armour but gets natural armour, that perhaps boosts Str and Dex rather than Con, perhaps with strikes based on wild animals - Wolf strike, Tiger strike, which might trip or grapple.

Maybe even some supernatural powers - strength of a bear, eyes of a hawk speed of a puma (to quote an eighties cartoon that escapes me)

If people are interested in a view of taoism filtered through a slightly western perspective, I recommend "The Tao is Silent" by Raymond Smullyan - it really got me on to lots of the ideas of Taoism