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Sorry if this was asked already. I bet you figured this topic would come up again at some point but I don’t see a thread specific to the Mummy’s Mask Base Set so I have to ask. I pretty much have pawns for all the characters for the other base sets between Inner Sea and the NPC Codex Box.

I was wondering if there are any plans to have another pawn collection that might include the likes of Simoun, Yoon, Amotep, Estra, Channa Ti, Drelm and Mavaro? They are not absolutely necessary to play the game but it is fun to have the pawns at the different locations. I could certainly just use a proxy from the collections I have but it would be cool to have official ones.

The current $20 Mummy’s Mask pawn collection does not seem to have any of the characters listed above. I would love the small character play mats too but one thing at a time :)


Hey All,

New to the Pathfinder Card game. I bought Skull & Shackles as my first set and am loving it. I learned much from reading these message boards here so thank you for that. I can’t find the exact answer to my question for this one.

My question is about Jirelle’s base card power. “For your check that has or is against a card that has the Finesse trait, you gain the skill Melee: Dexterity +2.” I think the question could be answered by making sure I am doing her checks correctly.

So for example, say I am up against a monster that has a combat check. At this point I need to determine which skill to use and I am allowed to play 1 card or 1 power that could change that skill. I decide to reveal the Rapier card that gives me +2d4 for Jirelle’s Strength or Melee skill. Her Strength skill is a d6 but since Jirelle does not have a Melee skill her die for a Melee check would be a d4.

So with the Rapier card I declare I am using strength for the check since I would rather have a d6. Since The Rapier has the Finesse trait I also gain the skill Melee: Dexterity +2 for her power. This references the Melee skill but I am using Strength. I still get this +2 anyways because the Rapier I am using added the Melee trait to the check.

In addition, since I have gained the Melee trait I decided to play my Master-At-Arms ally as well. I recharge that card to get 1d4 since I am not on a ship as stated on the card.

In summary my roll would be:

1d6 for my Strength skill that I declared in the “Determine the Skill You’re Using “ step
2d4 for the Rapier weapon reveal. I gained traits from the Rapier that included the Finesse and Melee traits at this point.
+2 for the power Melee: Dexterity +2 from her card power
1d4 for Master-At-Arms ally

All total: 1d6 + 3d4 +2

Alternatively, if I had declared the Melee skill instead of Strength in the “Determine the Skill You’re Using “ step this would be 4d4 + 2?

This look correct? Sorry for the long post.