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Sorry if this was asked already. I bet you figured this topic would come up again at some point but I don’t see a thread specific to the Mummy’s Mask Base Set so I have to ask. I pretty much have pawns for all the characters for the other base sets between Inner Sea and the NPC Codex Box.

I was wondering if there are any plans to have another pawn collection that might include the likes of Simoun, Yoon, Amotep, Estra, Channa Ti, Drelm and Mavaro? They are not absolutely necessary to play the game but it is fun to have the pawns at the different locations. I could certainly just use a proxy from the collections I have but it would be cool to have official ones.

The current $20 Mummy’s Mask pawn collection does not seem to have any of the characters listed above. I would love the small character play mats too but one thing at a time :)