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"I'm sorry Sir, but you don't seem to have the proper license to order the Tarilian Slug Soup. Might I suggest you try our Shiitake and Cod Soup instead. They taste remarkable similar."

But seriously, I have to agree with David about all foods/drinks being level one. At least until they introduce food/drink that provides a temporary buff. Though I could see a clever DM having your use a Life Science check to properly clean and cook a poisonous animal while in the wilderness somewhere. Otherwise, additional ranks could be used to distinguish a 1 star dish up to 5 stars dish.

*Passive Sensors detect a weird energy signature. If the ship moves in any direction other than closer, the energy signature follows, maintaining the same distance.
*Discover a perfectly fine starship just floating along. There is no distress signal nor any signs of life/undeath. Boarding to look for clues and looting is safe, but attempting to take control of starship causes s+~@ to go sideways.
*Space "gremlins" got on board last time you docked/landed your starship. They are now running around your ship, dealing enough damage to key components to cause various systems to gain the Glitching condition.
*The delivery you where asked to make wakes up early from cryo-sleep. Either hostile creature like "Alien" or innocent forced into slavery.

*Some asshat left a bunch off-world creature on the planet. They're breeding like crazy and decimating the indigenous wildlife and/or plant-life.
*Perform an emergency landing due to a critical component allowing space flight is about to break. Play the barter trade game with the locals to get what you need to repair it.

Honestly, the layout for the weapon categories was a poor decision in my opinion. It only highlights how few options a person has in any given category. If they had instead printed it as a list of weapons ordered by level, then alphabetically, we would go from have zero to one option in a sub-category to almost always having 1 or more to choose from when looking for an upgrade. Assuming your GM allows you to spend up to half you starting credits on a weapon, there are 33 weapons a first level character can choose from (8 Basic Melee, 8 Advanced Melee, 6 Small Arms, 8 Longarms and 3 Heavy Weapons).

Level - || Total 1 || Melee 1 (B1) || Ranged 0
Level 0 || Total 1 || Melee 1 (B1) || Ranged 0
Level 1 || Total 23 || Melee 10 (B5/A5) || Ranged 13 (S5/L5/H3)
Level 2 || Total 14 || Melee 5 (B1/A4) || Ranged 9 (S2/L5/H1/Sn1)
Level 3 || Total 0 || Melee 0 || Ranged 0
Level 4 || Total 4 || Melee 1 (B1) || Ranged 3 (S1/L1/H1)
Level 5 || Total 5 || Melee 2 (B2) || Ranged 3 (S1/L1/H1)
Level 6 || Total 8 || Melee 1 (A1) || Ranged 7 (S1/L3/H3)
Level 7 || Total 12 || Melee 6 (B2/A4) || Ranged 6 (S2/L3/H1)
Level 8 || Total 13 || Melee 5 (B2/A3) || Ranged 8 (L3/H4/Sn1)
Level 9 || Total 10 || Melee 3 (B1/A2) || Ranged 7 (S1/L3/H3)
Level 10 || Total 14 || Melee 4 (B1/A3) || Ranged 10 (S2/L3/H5)
Level 11 || Total 12 || Melee 6 (B2/A4) || Ranged 6 (S1/L2/H3)
Level 12 || Total 10 || Melee 4 (B1/A3) || Ranged 6 (S2/L3/H1)
Level 13 || Total 16 || Melee 7 (B1/A6) || Ranged 9 (S2/L4/H2/Sn1)
Level 14 || Total 12 || Melee 3 (B1/A2) || Ranged 9 (S2/L3/H4)
Level 15 || Total 16 || Melee 6 (B2/A4) || Ranged 10 (S3/L4/H3)
Level 16 || Total 14 || Melee 6 (B1/A5) || Ranged 8 (S1/L3/H3/Sn1)
Level 17 || Total 15 || Melee 6 (B2/A4) || Ranged 9 (S2/L4/H3)
Level 18 || Total 13 || Melee 6 (B2/A4) || Ranged 7 (S1/L3/H3)
Level 19 || Total 13 || Melee 7 (B2/A5) || Ranged 6 (S2/L3/H1)
Level 20 || Total 15 || Melee 4 (A4) || Ranged 11 (S1/L4/H5/Sn1)

B = Basic Melee | A = Advanced Melee | S = Small Arms | L = Longarms | H = Heavy Weapons | Sn = Sniper

I like the concept of any class being able to be modified by an archetype. I'm glad we get to see how Paizo plans on implementing them. Unfortunately, I find the two presented in the book to be rather lack luster, especially coming from the mentality of Pathfinder. It doesn't help that the book is new and it feels like you're giving up cool options to modify one of the classes.

For me at least, the only way I can consider playing the current archetypes is if I view them as the class I want to play. Then I'm just adding unique features from of the 7 archetypes (base classes).

Honestly I hope future archetypes are more interesting. I want this concept to work. I also want to see some "exclusive" archetypes that only work with casters or melee for example.

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when I get around to playing a Ysoki, he going keep offering his companions snacks he keeps in his Cheek Pouch.

Agree with Gary about skill bonus still working, at least until they fix their crazy high endgame DCs.

Unless it specifically says you can use it during starship combat, its a big no to both. Under Crew Actions - Actions(pg 322), "Class features and items affect crew actions only if specifically noted in the class feature or item."

Named mine Logistics #8 Emergency Rescue, though the Ysoki in my group predictably nicknamed my L8er.

No credit value listed. This is most likely due to the fact that the selling of an captured enemy ship, even at 10%, would provide an average group enough credits to fully upgrade themselves by a few levels.

I'd allow the better bonus to EAC or KAC to be active, but only allow the outer armor's slot to be active.

From the Engineers Action (pg 323), "Unless otherwise noted, each action can be performed only once per round, no matter how many engineers are on a starship."

That, to me clearly indicates that each PC filling the engineer role gets an action, during the Engineering Phase. Especially when you read the part in Patch that states, "Multiple engineers can pool their actions in a single round..."

Next, the Gunner Actions (pg 324) says, "Though each of the starship's weapons can be fired only once per round, multiple gunners can take actions to fire different weapons in a single round." And if you look at the actions, until 6th level you can only fire a single starship weapon per round without incurring an attack penalty.

The Science Officer Actions is the only one of those three that doesn't specifically call out multiple science officers.

While I'm glad they put those 2 archetypes in so we can see how its going to work in the future, I'm rather disappointed with what we got.

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I remember reading that they designed the casters as "partial" casters so they could give them more class features. Virtually every full caster in Pathfinder has half their special class features slot empty. The Oracle is the only real exception with only 4 empty levels. The Wizard is on the other end with 15 of it's levels empty. Considering how they have decided to do achetypes, having more special class features is absolutely necessary. Also, I'm willing to bet they are hoping this will help prevent such a drastic difference in power between casters and melee near mid to end game.

After seeing how they did Profession, I feel they should have had Mysticism based off Key Ability score for casters and non-casters are stuck with Intelligence.

It is really weird that there is a knowledge skill not using Intelligence, but I also feel that just between Computers and Engineering, Int is a really powerful stat for skills (and that's not counting what they do on a Starship.

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From the FAQ
"Outside of combat, you can choose to change what systems are powered freely. However, you have to decide what exactly is powered on your ship as combat begins and you can't change it during combat, as it requires too much fiddling with wires, switches, programs, and such."

So in your scenario racs, you better hope you can either convince the hostiles to not attack or your ship survives long enough to enter/exit the Drift.

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Does it seem absurd that a Mechanic's Drone stops functions the moment said Mechanic passes out? I could understand if it happened while under direct control, but if I gave a drone the command to travel 1000 ft east and I fall unconscious before it completes the command; shouldn't the drone keep going until the last command was completed? Why would anyone who can code a "dumb" A.I. design it that way. I'd be more inclined to believe anyone who ended up in combat regularly would not only patch that s+@+ out asap. In fact, since it has to see and/or hear you, I would code in a conditional subroutine move adjacent to me and defend my ass should it observe me pass out.

Same thing with sleeping in a "dungeon" or out in the wilderness. I sure as hell would want my drone to help keep watch. Since a Mechanic doesn't need to worry about a drone's power supply, having deactivated while in unsecured locations and he is sleep is just plain stupid for an Int base class to do.

On pg 292, in the note box, "... if starship weapons are ever brought to bear against buildings or people, the deal Hit Point damage equal to 10 x their listed amount of damage. However, starship weapons are never precise enough to target a single individual (or even a group) and can, if the GM decides, be simulated as deadly hazards instead of weapon attack."

I'm planning on playing a Pack Lord Druid in an upcoming game (Only because Rodent Shaman does not officially exist). What I would like is a mix of Dire Rats AND Common Rats. The thing is, the Common Rat is not as strong as a Dire Rat. So what ratio do you think a Common Rat to Dire Rat should be. I'm thinking a 3:1 or 4:1. Would like a decent polling before I take this request to DM.