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DeathQuaker wrote:
Aaron Bitman wrote:
How about Fin Raziel, from the movie "Willow"?

Hell yes.

And Fin Raziel vs. Bavmorda makes the fight between Gandalf and Sauron look like a tea party.

First Gandalf doesn't fight Sauron so I have no idea what you mean. Second - Fin Raziel is fantastic no arguement there. Third - flashy scenes in a move don't measure power. If you think Gandalf isn't powerful you have to review his backstory (Simarillion). That Balrog in Moria is not much below a Demi-God in power. Gandalf defeats it in a battle that takes days - and is reborn more powerful than before. Had he been a woman - it would have been just as epic - but not as easy to imagine Tolkien writing in his era.

Galadriel is a bad ass - and old old old but elven; hard to imagine how old.

One other issue I think is that most older, powerful fantasy types are settled not adventuring. Adventuring is a young person's pastime. Once characters accumulate enough wealth and power they tend to retire and/or become embroiled in too many political and guild related activities to go on the adventuring road...

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Sethra Lavode is OLD and bad assed beyond bad assed. However being undead she's not typically viewed as old by a number of artists. I personally see her as much older looking than the artwork I've seen of her.

Old post and yet this is my problem. I see the same issue on my kindle fire. Any fix?

Is this still an active project? I too have a kindle fire and would love a copy to sideload.

GM Question - Answer:

I found out what the Death Touch was:

It's a D&D 3.5 Death Domain ability:
Death Domain
Granted Power
You may use a death touch once per day. Your death touch is a supernatural ability that produces a death effect. You must succeed on a melee touch attack against a living creature (using the rules for touch spells). When you touch, roll 1d6 per cleric level you possess. If the total at least equals the creature’s current hit points, it dies (no save).

We played this recently with a 6 person party with two pregen's played by inexperienced players. This slowed down the play quite a bit in the early going. I personally did not like the way this adventure railroaded us in the early going.


Plot Spoiler:

We were told that without proper clothing we could not attend - we would literally be thrown out. Brand new characters like our Pregen's did not have enough money to even buy the lowest attire! Our GM was kind enough to permit rental when one of us thought of that option (although at a steep 1/3 normal purchase price) and he also allowed us to take all of our gear under oversized clothing. A bit unrealistic but not irrational given the railroading.

I personally liked the module despite the railroading. The adventure aspect of it was a bit predictable but it flowed naturally and without too much goofy nonesense.

One thing that bugged me about the railroad was:

Plot Spoiler:

The fact that we could not save anyone except for the specifically called out NPC. Also the lack of money and items on the dead made no sense.

Another area that can be a problem in society play is that at a low tier you can end up in trouble in a module like this:


The DR of Zombie's seems minor but when you have no control over a party and what they bring to the table it can suck. We started with six characters but the pregen character's players had to leave early. The real problem came when we realized that the remaining characters were geared for anything but Zombies. The brawler's primary attacks were unarmed (bludgeoning), the crossbowman (piercing), the cleric (bludgeoning). Luckily the fighter had an Axe (Slashing) and the brawler had a short sword (slashing) and a dagger (slashing). However due to the way the terrain was laid out there was a lot of difficulty bringing concentrated firepower to bear on the problem and the evil clerics healing the zombies and making more was not good given our situation.

On top of the difficulty that some of the encounters could pose for a 4 person group, the terrain at times made for some challenges as well:


The difficult terrain in the subterranian space was a major problem. Not being able to 5' to reposition in combat without an AoO was a huge issue. My fighter with a 23 AC fighting defensively took AoO x4 crit and went down just trying to stay out of flanked position. The tunnel sections limiting movement and bottlenecks caused which allowed for missile weapons to be shot at us didn't help either.

GM Question:
One question - our GM was unable to find the Death Touch ability defined anywhere - does anyone know what it was supposed to do? He winged it and I think it was fine but it would be nice to know.

I wish it just said,"...each round after the spell is cast you can call a bolt using a standard action..." I'm not sure what the intent of the language "immediately upon completion" provides in this context if Zhayne is correct.

mplindustries wrote:

Pretty sure it's:

Round 1, you cast.

Immediately before your turn on Round 2, a lightning bolt drops.

Round 2 (and each subsequent round), you can spend a standard action to call down another lightning bolt.

That's a lot more simply put than my reply - I was posting mine when you posted yours and now I feel silly. LOL Thank you for saying it better than I did.

I may be misreading this but I would expect that: "Immediately upon completion of the spell, and once per round thereafter" means that at the completion of the casting (ie 1 FULL round after you started) you get a bolt without expending any action beyond the casting you just did. Then THAT round (round 2)or any subsequent round you are able to use a standard action to call a bolt. Round 2 is odd because you effectively appear to be able to get TWO bolts on that round since you have not performed a standard action yet. Nothing in the spell appears to say that the bolts you call after the initial casting time are delayed.

Liz Courts wrote:
Kizan wrote:
I guess it's possible that no one has reported this, but the Chronicle at the end is in error. The title states it's for Part I not Part II. I'm guessing that the rest of the cert is correct?
The rest of the Chronicle is correct, just the title is wrong. I'll poke the right folks to get this corrected.

Still shows this way for Part 2... not a major issue but looks like your poke was too soft. LOL.

Also - no option to post reviews shows up in the reviews section for some reason.