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Not counting magical means, how can a character learn languages?

All I can find, so far, is starting languages (ancestry), bonus languages from high Int, and the Multilingual skill feat (must be trained in Society). Are there any others?

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Dragons are clever.

Dragons are charismatic.

Dragons can have powerful will-twisting magic.

All of this screams "minions" -- so who are the dragon's minions in your campaign? Agents of influence, defenders of the lair, people to make PCs have a horrible time going up against the dragon... add yours to this thread! And are there any twists on the idea?

1. A charmed warrior of great skill and little wits, equipped with the best weapons and armor of those who sought to slay the dragon (i.e., PC-level wealth).

2. A deluded princess. (Twist: she's not deluded, she's trying to sneak into the dragon's good graces to steal something in its hoard.)

3. A outsider who shows up periodically to play chess with the dragon and is also philosophically opposed to one or more of the PCs. (Twist: Or would be simpatico with one or more of the PCs if they weren't out to kill his buddy, maybe he wants to try and mediate.)

4. A bard who is composing songs in honor of the dragon and interviewing him to make sure all the details are right; naturally he'll help the dragon fight so he can get more song material. (Twist: he's also a fanboy of the most famous PC.)

5. An elderly druid who belongs to the Society for the Preservation of Endangered Dragons. (Twist: he's actually there as a matchmaker from another dragon.)

What are some good ways to use numbers of weak undead?

Let's say you have a 5th-9th level caster who can animate dead but not create undead and so is limited to (mostly) zombies and skeletons. Furthermore assume that most available corpses will be only a few HD. We're talking the classic skeleton/zombie group here, maybe 20 or 30 HD in total.

Obviously bloody skeletons are preferable for their self-healing abilities. But how does one use them effectively? Tactics, buffing spells, what? CR5-7 enemies can usually kill mooks like this with a blow, so are they of any use other than ablative meatshields? Can they effectively damage enemies? What's the best use of them.

I'm designing a character who will be an exile from Hermea (grew up there, failed to pass the tests, exiled -- but she thinks it's because she's got traces of silver dragon bloodline, instead of gold; she may or may not be right.) Planning -- again for story reasons, so this is set -- to be a paladin/sorc/dragon disciple.

I'm looking for one or two feats, and maybe a trait, to take at low level to reflect the Hermean background.

There's a trait, Hermean Paragon (+2 initiative), which fits the character, but the only Hermean-specific feat (Hermean Bloodline) makes two skills related to the same stat class skills. Problem is, this feat doens't help since all the skills I plan to take will already be class skills.

So, what are some other feats that would be reasonably reflective of the Hermean experiment, and also help the character? Ones that have a specifically Hermean background would be very appealing.

How does a rod work when it comes to spells vs. spell slots? Let's say I have a Persistent lightning bolt memorized (+2 levels, in a 5th level slot). Can I use my lesser rod of empower on the 3rd level lightning bolt, or will it fail if I try to use it on the spell-in-a-level-5-slot?

Building an oracle for a new game, and ran into a problem. I usually build clerics as buff-casters, picking the appropriate spell for the occasion. This is an oracle of lore, so she'll eventually know the right occasion, but she doesn't get to have the spell of choice.

What's good, and flexible, and almost always useful for a divine spellcaster? (I'm currently thinking about the bane/cause fear combination, swapping out cause fear later, but what would be preferable?)

We also have a wizard, cleric, and bard in our party, plus a fighter, so I'm not too worried about the generalist spells that usually seem to be necessary.

Being that I purchase my APs at my FLGS (I think this is fair trade for them providing gaming space), I don't have any PDFs of the Kingmaker maps. I'd like to get a decent map of the area to print out for my players, but I don't exactly want to spend hours hand-drawing one in Photoshop.

Anyone have any ideas about how to easily and quickly produce a PDF for the players which I could rapidly update week to week?