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Just finished dispatching Gutwad, but wanted to give a first impression.


From page one you are drawn into the story.

We just finished up the Licktoad Village part, but I wanted to write an initial review for anyone out there considering this Adventure Path.

This book by itself could be played so many different times and so many different ways that it is a HUGE value for the money. Add to it that this is only part 1 of 6, and wow, what fun!

My kids had played We Be Goblins! earlier this year with another group. They still talk about that adventure, so when they re-visited familiar territory as the heroes it was a blast. There was a glint in their eyes as they went looking for the goblins they had played. Was their goblin killed by the skeletons? Did their goblin escape to the forest? Are those the cremated remains of MY goblin?

This Adventure Path has been fun so far.


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A Good Choice for Your First Pathfinder Module


We bought the Core Rulebook, rolled up some characters, and downloaded this module since it was free.

In short, good story, good introductory module for new players with a final "boss" monster at the end that was just tough enough for 1st Level.

Great to see free content for people to try out the game. The module was such fun that we just had to buy the sequel (Crown of the Kobold King) to see where the stairs at the end of this module went.