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Mocharaid wrote:

I'm taking your advice and building test characters in both, side by side and I have to say, it's not making a good case for Demiplane, for me personally. The constant loading on Demiplane when you select something is especially annoying.

The Pathbuilder devs evidently knew what they were doing when they were making it. They struck gold, *knew* that they struck gold, and made it as accessible as possible with almost all content for free via a webpage or lightweight app. I *love* Pathbuilder.

VestOfHolding wrote:
You can't say something is automatically worse by the mere existence of something else without actually looking at it first. You need to actually be able to do the comparison. I'm asking for what you think of Demiplane's specific features.

Yes, I have. And the moment I saw price tags on the different source books, on top of the primer only giving users four classes to pick from, I knew I wasn't going to use it.

Demiplane's UI, utility, and aesthetics are fine, but there is no way I'm using it over Pathbuilder. That's what makes or breaks it for me. It's inferior in terms of price and what other alternatives can offer already. That's all there is to it.

VestOfHolding wrote:

No one is saying you owe these people something just because they decided to make it. We're saying that Paizo customers are not owed this product for extremely cheap just because Paizo is awesome enough to be a spearhead in keeping so much of gaming content like theirs free, or other volunteers have devoted so much time in to making other free tools.

Out of curiosity, what specifically makes you arrive at the conclusion that this product (which, reminder, this announcement is for it being in *beta*) is so inferior?

Because Pathbuilder exists. Not only does it provide access to the majority of Paizo's content by default and automatically calculates different scores, bonuses, and other things, but with a one time purchase of around 5 euros for the full version (or two if you want both the desktop and phone versions) you get access to literally everything else. It completely blows something like Demiplane out of the water and is just the better deal all around. I can't ever see myself using Demiplane for anything at all because Pathbuilder is still well and kicking.

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Dancing Wind wrote:
autumndidact wrote:
A reminder that it's a for profit company at the end of the day, not a social movement.

And a reminder that even people working for social movements need to be paid for their labor.

Compensating people for the work they do has nothing to do with the economic system they live in. It's about treating them (and their work) respectfully.


Paizo partners with other people who make glittering game accessories for a higher cost. If creative people can get more for their work than I can afford to pay, it would be mean spirited to deny them that extra compensation.

Respectfully, what is your point here? We don't owe a person something just because they decided to make something one day. The people behind this have created an inferior product in almost all circumstances compared to others. If they wanted to succeed, they should've focused on *outperforming the existing competition* instead of trying to be a copy of D&DB in a community like Pathfinder where such monetary practices of D&DB barely have any ground to begin with.

For one, the only reason I even play Pathfinder is because of how available everything is to use and play with. If getting into Pathfinder and using the majority of its material *wasn't free*, I wouldn't be playing Pathfinder in the first place. Demiplane doesn't help anything regarding this notion, in fact it seems like a direct downgrade to its competitors which provide free access.

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Fantastic work, but who is this for?

AON and Pathbuilder already exist and do at least 80% if not more of all the things that this provides, Demiplane being the Pathfinder Equivalent of D&D Beyond. (Including its limited selection of starter content.) Literally almost all of the available content on Pathbuilder and whatnot is actively accessible and free to use aside from optional rules and whatnot. All of this at a one or two time, substantially cheaper price. Which matters a lot considering how all of the sources are seperate on Demiplane, and spread across multiple source books which easily cost upward of 20-30$ each if not more.

I feel as though this takes *too much* inspiration from D&D Beyond with how limiting its starter content is, and doesn't give me much of a reason to use this over other mediums. It kinda feels like someone said "just make D&D but Pathfinder" without actually looking into what the community already uses and trying to compete with it y'know? I'm not trying to rag on the devs, but this needs way more value for what you get to even be considered as an option personally.