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My half-orc drunken brute Dumb Smash (first time out his int got reduced to 3 and he wields a lucerne hammer) has always had a problem with doorknobs. I'm not sure if a doorknob looked at him funny when he was younger, or maybe he got hit with a nasty trap from a doorknob, or he just never figured out how they're supposed to work. He prefers making his own hole in the wall, or breaking the door down.

Until he came across a Hand of the Mage. Now Dumb have SUPERHUMAN DOOR KNOB POWER!!! RRAAAAARGGHHH!

I'm the GM in this here scenario, and I very much appreciate the help here. He's fumbled a couple saves, and he's only now in any serious danger of suffering damage from it. Thank you all for your help, I'm still relatively new at GMing and am not completely clear on all the particularities of the rules.

Just to make this visible here, apparently it's supposed to be released on the 27th.

This thing of excluding non-4-star and up GMs from the newest scenarios is really crimping my chapter's ability to run content. We keep getting new players, so we can't run the higher-level stuff, since older players keep dropping out to join home games. Lately it's been me and another GM running all the tables, and in order to retain the one veteran player we have, we have to run new stuff, because he's run EVERYTHING prior. This is maddeningly annoying. TAKE MY MONEY PAIZO!


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I'm going to have to wait a while to apply it to anything that can cast spells, because I played it with a Barbarian.

take eldritch heritage: arcane bloodline.

your faery dragon familiar will probably have more HPs than any other familiar.

Dumb would require putting all his points into Charisma. It was my second dump stat, along with intelligence. Half-orc sorcerors aren't really optimal, imo.

Bards have spell changing at 4th iirc.

Here's a suggestion: Try to come by a Wand of Silent Image. Ghost sound+Silent Image can be a very good combo for distracting enemies by artificially increasing party numbers. Until your enemies make their Will saves for interacting with the images. Which, depending on where you put things, can take them a couple of rounds. By then your other party members may have had a chance to thin their numbers a bit.

Bonus: Silent image to create 4 nightmarish looking horses when fighting goblins? It's great RPing.


It is a Season 4 scenario. And I'm going to have to wait a while to apply it to anything that can cast spells, because I played it with a Barbarian. Dumb smash not understand how hand-wavy humans cause Dumb pain! Dumb only understand SMASH! RAAAAAARGH!

Anyway, now I have to run it. Later. Grr.

hooboy. It depends on what you want as dump stats (specifically, if you're okay with dumping intelligence and charisma), but you can get 24 str while raging for basically free (presuming combat stays in one place and you have enough money for booze) if you take the Drunken Brute archetype. Add to that a D12 2-handed weapon like a greataxe or a lucerne hammer, and you're dealing minimum 11 damage per hit while raging, with a +6 to hit at 1st level. +8 to hit if you're raging.

I wish Monkey Grip was still around.

Also, be ready to RP a character who's dumb as a rock. Mine has an issue with doorknobs. As in, he doesn't understand what they're for. As far as he's concerned, if you want to move into the next room, you walk through the door or you introduce it to Crushy.

I'm wondering what my Half-Orc Drunken Brute would be like with two levels of ragechemist. +4 AC (with a potion of shield, that puts him at, like, almost 30 AC), 28 str during a mutagen- and booze-fueled rage, and an absurdly low intelligence (5 during a mutagen binge). That... would be a fun character to play. His name is already Dumb Smash, but he'd be incapable of pronouncing it some of the time.

edit: With a Lucerne Hammer. 1d12+10 dmg as he stands with no alchemist levels, while raging. I did 39 as a crit to the portal at the end of Voice in the Void because I was RPing a character with 3 intelligence.