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Cool! I'm really looking forward to this!

I would love to see trading rules in there, similar to the trading rules in Traveller. Rules that would allow you to play a caravan guard/merchant prince game, with charts and modifiers telling you what you might be able to buy and giving you a chance, based on your skills and the risks you're willing to take, to improve your profits...

Also, I'd like to reiterate the call for mass-combat rules. Something similar to Frank Mentzer's "Warmachine" for BECMI-D&D/Rules Cyclopedia. Those are the best mass-combat rules I've ever seen.

Erik Mona wrote:

This is interesting.

The Molaho Kem thing was a throw-away reference to a mythical character. I was surprised anyone even caught that I'd used the name before.

The northern continent of Avistan, upon which Varisia is situated, has a western coastline and extends into a supercontinent on the eastern side, but this wasn't done intentionally to make it work as western Oerik.

Golarion is its own planet. You could use it as an extension of another existing world, but it wouldn't be a perfect fit.


Thanks for chiming in, Erik!

I, for one, would appreciate it if there was some way of linking the Flanaess to Golarion.

I checked a couple of the other deities and couldn't find any other obvious parallels. (Except for Abadar=Zilchus, but somehow I'm getting a different vibe from Abadar)
However that would only be logical, for different ethnicities have different panthea in Greyhawk. The only thing that's really needed would be some place that can be designated as the ancestral homeland of the Oeridians. The Suel and Bakluni Emprires could be assumed to be buried beneath the Dry steppes and the Sea of Dust.

I found some more tentative links:
Golarion has a "fantasy egypt"; the Erypt of the Dragon annual map might be a good fit for that.
And there's apparently a "fantasy Japan" in Golarion, as well... just like there's a region called "Nippon" on the Greyhawk map.

It is worth pointing out, that in the Flanaess itself there's no country remotely like Egypt or Japan.
I like where this is going... :)

(And, yes, I noticed that you said that there were no links between Western Oerik and Golarion, but after comparing all the detites for more than an hour I just can't stop thinking about this now :)

We all know that Erik Mona is a huge Greyhawk afficionado (and one of the best writers the setting ever had, imho). I think it's a tragedy that he can no longer write official Greyhawk material.

Now, if I think that's a shame, I'm pretty sure that Erik must feel similar - after all it's reasonable to assume that he feels a closer connection to his work than I do.

In light of that, let's look at some tidbits we know about Golarion:

It's got more than one moon - so does Greyhawk.
You can travel there - something that (frequently) happens on Greyhawk.
The Golarion-verse has a "Mars" and a "Venus" - so does Greyhawk (or, rather EGG's campaign).
The Gipsy-like Varisians are reminiscent of the Rhenee. Is Varisia = Rhop?
Shelyn, the Eternal Rose, a NG goddess of beauty, art and love... = Myhriss, a NG goddess of beauty, art and love who has a rose as her holy symbol?
And, as robbastard has pointed out here: amp;t=2734
The pathfinders are basically the Seekers, and Molaho Kem is a Greyhawk character;
the "Land of the Linnorm Kings" could stand in for the "Dragon Empire of Lynn";
and Varisia fits nicely on the western coast of the old apocryphal Greyhawk map - just south of the Dragon Empire of Lynn/Land of the Linnorm Kings...

Now, obviously, these ties won't be official - but Western Oerik isn't exactly canon, anyways. It is my impression, however, that Golarion is designed to fit into that spot without much hassle.

Just wanted to point that out... maybe you guys find some other ties to Greyhawk, as well?

Yamo wrote:

I'm just thinking of Gary here. None of us would be playing today if it wasn't for him and I think he deserves better than to have his livelihood targeted like this by releasing a competing version of the same project around the same time.

If a WotC Castle Greyhawk book making Y amount of money means Gary making X - Y amount of money on his version, than I am against that. More respect ought to be shown to man who came up with the material in the first place.

So Erik should do Greyhawk, but if he wants to do a dungeon, he ought to do his own and not try to swoop in and "scoop" Mr. Gygax. Why be so crass when there's still a whole Flanaess out there to explore?

If Expedition to Castle Greyhawk will influence the sales of CZ at all I think it will help Gary to sell more copies of Castle Zagyg. WotC's marketing will raise the awaraness that something called Greyhawk still exists.

I, for one, am extremely happy to get a version of this Classic Dungeon penned by Mr. Mona. The way EGG tends to write his products today is simply not my cup of tea. Yggsburgh bored me to death. It is detailed, but uninspired.
Also you mustn't forget that Rob Kuntz is the lead designer of CZ, now (IIRC). Once more EGG stamps his name on a product he didn't write himself.

Furthermore, Erik Mona is sure to include all the fascinating pieces of Greyhawk canon/lore that I would really like to see. Don't forget: EGG's original dungeon was placed on a map of Northern America, next to the Great lakes, if memory serves.

Another thing: I was extremely disappointed when I found out that CZ would be published in multiple volumes over the course of several years. That, combined with the fact that EGG's hyping of the vaporware Castle Greyhawk during the 1980s reached Siembieda-like dimensions somewhat lessens my sympathy for this perceived "ripping off". And, as I said before, I think that CZ sales will profit from the situation, anyway.

So, I have these two new shiny toys: the Wilderlands Campaign Setting and the first few installments of the Age of Worms Adventure Path.
Although I'm a huge Greyhawk fan I'm thinking about porting the AoW over to the Wilderlands, as we're about to start a new campaign, and if I don't play Wilderlands now it might take a few years till I get the chance to do so - and the Wilderlands are easily the best product I ever purchased.
So I thought about how I'd go about converting it:
The Free City is, of course, the CotIO. The Seekers are the School of Ancient Knowledge, or however it is called. Hextor becomes Morg, or rather: The Hellbridge Temple, the Ebon Triad stuff explaining why the temple erred from the orthodox Morg-teachings. Vecna is replaced by Yog, plus an ancient lich-servant of this deity. Erythnul is none other than Hamarkhis. This explains why the Ebon Triad has to work secretly, as for all its tolerance towards evil cults, the CotIO, or rather its temples, would not tolerate those heretics.
Flint (2125 on the CoIO map) replaces Diamond Lake, the Mermist Marshes replace the Mistmarsh and a Castle (Blackwall Keep) is added to Hex 2223 or 2324. Gnomes will hail from Lightelf instead of Grossetgrottel, dwarves from Thunderhold instead of Greysmere. I will keep the name "Tenser" as that name is fairly old-school and fits well into the setting, methinks.
History-wise: Miska the Wolf-Spider was an enormous apparatus (think: wild-wild-west steam-powered walker) used as a weapon during the war of the pious and the philosophers, the wind-dukes were a faction of the philosophers.
Kyuss was one of the Orichalan Dragonlords, explaining why Tiamat knew about him - or rahter, why Dragotha cared for him.
Dragotha's undead army would then have fought against Kelnore- i think? I'll have to re-read the history section of the boxed set. I'm not sure wheter that is a good fit, though. I'd be grateful for some input!

I could really need some help with the following locations, as well: where would you locate the Rift-Canyon, and which town would you substitute for Redhand??

Skeeter Green, you mentioned in another thread that you're about to convert it to the Wilderlands, as well - so how did you go about it?

Did anyone from the Dungeon staff think about this possibiltiy? It would surprise me if Erik Mona did not own a copy of the Wilderlands of High Fantasy :)