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While I like some aspects of this game. The over all experience fell flat. The main problem is equipment. The leveled set was so lockstep that it made all of my players disappointed. You could not have a signature weapon or such. It was grind for the next level of gear and toss out the old. No one like it.

The classes were Okay and the concepts were pretty cool. But I can say if this is the basis for pathfinder 2nd ed were not likely going to put out any more money.

One big problem you have is this drive to constantly simplify and stream line. Thing get lost when you smooth out the details to much. Good things get lost. This is not a hobby that tend to attracted people who can handle a few rules, And the simplification feels like our intelligence is being questioned and only the lowest common denominator is being served. I don't know why I am writing this though. Publishers never listen.

Any way the critical flaw is still in the money and equipment.