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Thanks for the advice guys. I ended up getting a little lucky that the party had rescued one of the goldfish people, and I made it up that he was actually a spy from the veils of pride who was caught in the trap when attempting to learn more about Karzoug's hibernation method. His knowledge of ancient Xin combined with Brodert's lore and a visit to the pathfinder society were enough for me to make a plausible explanation for tracking down the city's true location. This cut the cabin adventure entirely.

Now the party is looking down on the city, ready to make their assault. Since time is soooo tight now, I plan to update the occlusion field with the change that anyone wielding a dominant weapon against greed has the same immunity as a sihedron ring. There will also be many plot hints given that the return of the runelord is coming basically "any minute now" and that the party needs to rush up the mountain to start the assault on the spire. I feel bad gutting so much content, but you gotta do what you gotta do, and I want to leave enough time to the final assault is a bit drawn out and memorable.

The group I am running has been playing for about a year now, and we will finish book 5 tonight. The tough part is I took a new job and will be moving away in 3 weeks, so we need to find a way to finish without things being comically rushed.

Anybody have any experience or good ideas for shortening book 6? We can probably get in 6-7 sessions of about 5 hours each since we are all pretty geared up to actually complete the game.

In book 5 I ended up converting 3 of the runeforge wings into sort of choose your own adventure books where I presented individual players or the whole party with a series of fixed choices and consequences to speed things up a bunch. Actually led to some funny cases where they ended up parlaying with Azaven for information rather than fighting and tricked Odicon out of some gear and knowledge by playing on his madness. I can do some of the same in the last book, but I'm wondering if some parts would be better to cut or dramatically change instead.