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I write this letter to whomever should find it; I’ve come across strange things in the last months and fear my life could end before I find a remedy. I am Sorren a monk chosen by IrorI to save as many as I can from the darkness ahead, Ive lost to so far, both were great warriors and had been on the great quest of searching out and destroying the drow, It is an eleven word for the creatures we have found, A long hidden secret of the elves I fear all will have to face soon. They are dark elves their skin is dark like burnt wood or cold ash they have similar features to their brother kind but I have found they are much more chaotic. My search has led me to the village of cryingleaf,Its not a known vilige,Its hidden deep in eleven woods,Iye also come across some new companions an archer named Theodric Greengold and his friend Kalenoth Ferrond there part is still yet to be played. I have brought to journals for the elves we will soon see what they make of it. I must return to my prayers I shall Wright more when I have more time for the night is not safe for us anymore.

I love this game, so much fun, this is the first game i just cant wait to play good job dm now unlock my pendent lol ill post agin when im not sleeping