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thanx for the answers and notes. When we continued i decided that if i use the ricochet the rules is if Fail1 = then you roll dice again d20 only and dmg is half of the dmg.

and btw our rogue failed 11 times.. and our fighter yelled hole game NO MORE ARROWS.

but fun game night

sorry about that. I just whant to know a) was my ruling ok or too absurd and b) and did the orc free him self correctly.

even thought the adventure was fun and Fighter nagged about that arrow :)

Hello yesterday played oneshot story that i made.

And I wonder that I made the right judgment in this case.

Ok Fighter got CMB +5 and CMD 18
and he grappled an Orc CMB +4; CMD 14

Fighter toss d20+5 and got 16+5=21 so he grappled the orc

and then Rogue was shooting with crossbow at Orc
Attackroll d20+4 he got 1 so insta fail.

then i try to find my fumble software I could not find it.

so i decided to that the arrow ricochet orcs armor to the fighters arm

so we rolled again 20+4 against Fighters AC 15 (base+armorbonus) roll was 16

so the arrow hitted Fighters arm dmg roll 1d8 but i halfed it to 1d4 = rollwas 3

so the fighter take 3 dmg from the arrow.

was it correct to roll again to the fighters AC or ?

and then it was orc turn so he tryed to free him self from the grapple

CMB +4 vs Fighters CMD 18 he got free because he rolled d20+4= 16+4=20

was that correct too ?

Javin Swifthand thanks i have to read that council of thieves too. what i have read so far it sounds Good adventure. i think that i mix my adventures and council of thieves.

Thanx shadram!! i look that "nonlethal dmg" from PRD!.

yep they need to get to jail to optain some information.

and xp is goin to be if all goes well 300 weapon is used 150 and 0 xp if they got beaten up for starter.

this helped me a lot i am trying to make 10 "adventures" and about 4-6 encounter to them. And master mind behind all is my brother retired darw warrior (he cant play with us so he suggested that his PC is "EVIL")

HI i was making new adventure for my group. I was thinking a City adventure "seek the missing loot"

and i whant to but a bar fight for the first encounter and "jail" time for my group. i was thinking do i use the unarmed strikes for fight? and when someone hit to 0 the fight ends and guards rush for the tavern.
so how do i but xp for the barfight or is it ok to think that is 0 xp e ncounter ?

is that ok or is there some kind reference for town adventures or something like that ?

and is it ok to make own tavern food and drink prices ?

MurphysParadox wrote:

All treasure is calculated according to the market price, not the sale price. So a CR2 fight would let your players find 600 gold, or 100 gold and a 500 gold item, or so on. If your players do not like the 500 gold item, they can sell it but they'll only get 250 gold for it.

If you don't like giving your characters items they may not like, then just give them gold.

Now, for art, gems, nonmagical jewelry, and other non-money, non-PC-usable items, the value of the item is the amount you can make selling it. So you could give the PCs 50 gold coins, 3 onyx gems worth 100g each, a small carved stone statue worth 150g, and a pair of level 1 potions worth 50g each.

The PCs can sell the gems and statue for full value (a total of 450g), but if they sold the two potions, they'd only get 25g for each. This is because items like art and jewelry have no use to PCs while potions, weapons, wands, etc have use. Things with usefulness sell for 50% what a PC must spend to buy it.

Ok thats good "rule" if PC can use they sell them 50% other "items" like gems, art and etc. are valued 100%.

but what about that "shopping list" taplet is that good idea to use the Beginner Box taplet because it is easier to "read" and i cant "find" them in the core book.

sorry if i am hard to read or understand but i am going to blow my mind overthinking this :).

and THANK you for answering so quick.

Hi i think i am overthinking or just not thinking.
i got problem with Random treasure item.

i just wondering that can i use Beginner Box random treasure and magic item taplets because i dont understand or find it in the Core book.

and allso use the SHOPPING FOR MAGIC list from the Beginner box.

+ when i am making treasure for the encounter lets say that the encounter was CR 2 treasure is = 600gp so i can change that to item worth of 600gp or the items can be 1200gp but the selling prize is 600gp ?

sorry if this is answered but didint figure search word

Skeld and jDragon thanx for the tips
Christopher Mathieu hmm that is good point.

Iker that link dont work.

2097 - i took my daughter with me and she was our map drawer B). all thought the PC try to bribe my daughter to draw a treasure room full of magic +10 items and etc. hehe My daughter draw a room full of my little pony monsters B) 25hp AC 16 attack +10 and dmg dice d10....

let say my PC allmost died they have to bribe my daughter with 2 bags of candy and lemonade bottle to get out of the room B).

i got that idea from my daughter. I left map and pencil + book in the tablet and whent sigaret. my 10 year old daughter come home and draw this

Hi i got my Rise of the runelords book and i am trying to draw the
glasworks map to my map... and i have failed about 6 times allready.
Can some one give me advice how to draw the map ? here is my one test draw
i used that measure for the diagonal lines.

I was planing to draw the glassworks outlines only and when the PC go forward i just draw the rooms when they c them. but i whanted to draw the hole thing first.

the map is Crystal Caste Combat Mat - Medium

Medium Size - 25"x36"

Left to Right Grid Squares: 34

Top to Bottom Grid Squares: 23

Ok that clear things up B). the thing was i got confused about the granted power and Domain spell.

Now this i much clearer basic settings is :
3 orisons, 1st spell, 1 domain spell + granted power + channel energy

that i can use / choose from the list that i know for day
orisons no usage limit
1st spell use once / can be used as cure light wounds
grante power usage limit 3+wisodm modifier
channel energy usage limit 3+cha modifier

I am little confused about that Domain thing
so because my deity is Sarenrae i can choose 2 of them BUT prepared one of them

Sarenraes Domains: Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Sun
i take Fire and Sun

ok then when i take Fire domain i get
Granted powers:
Fire Bolt (Sp): 3+wisdom modifier
Domain Spell:
1st Burning Hands


Sun’s Blessing (Su):
Domain spell:
Domain Spells: 1st—endure elements

Hi there i am little confused i try to "transfer" my PBB Cleric to Core
i am 1 LVL cleric Deity is Sarenrae

so i get 0risons: 3
1st lvl spell: 2 (+1 more because my wisdom is 18)
Domain: 1 ( i can choose from 2?)

Detect Magic: Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Light: Object shines like a torch.
Bleed: Cause a stabilized creature to resume dying.

1st lvl spells
Cure Light Wounds: Cures 1d8 damage + 1/level (max +5).
Sanctuary: Opponents can’t attack you, and you can’t attack.

Fire Domain
Granted powers: Fire Bolt
Domain Spell: 1st - Burning hands

did i make mistake ?

i did take Cure light wounds still i can do this

Spontaneous Casting: A good cleric (or a neutral cleric of
a good deity) can channel stored spell energy into healing
spells that she did not prepare ahead of time. The cleric can
“lose” any prepared spell that is not an orison or domain
spell in order to cast any cure spell of the same spell level or
lower (a cure spell is any spell with “cure” in its name).

Is the Sixth printing March 2013 the newest ?

try to check erratas if i remeber correct all the errata read this

• Page 11—In the Common Terms section, in the Check
definition, in the second sentence, change “skill
checks, and saving throws” to “skill checks, ability
checks, and saving throws”.

in my book in the second sentece i got

The most common types are attack rolls,skill check, ability checks and saving throws[/u]

i was thinking is it little too hard for the PC
if there are 3 goblins and one goblin dog whit real stats

goblins stasts
CR 1/3 XP 135 HP 6
dog CR1 xp 400 AC 13 hp 9

so this one encounter is CR2 and xp for 805

and the PC are lvl 1 x 4

Hi i was told by one pathfinder gamer here in finland that goblin dog stats are in the bestiary 1 in page 157

xp 400
AC 13
hp 9
treasure none

I just love the idea. We just played bpb and now we are like what next? Core or demos or sandpoint box ;)

sorry for open old post. But like that Crypt of the Everflame is for LEVEL 1 adventure can the level 2 example play it? or would it be too easy ?

i got txtmessage one of the PC -fighter he asked me that if she sold the +1 dragon-bane long sword do she get 8310 or 4155 and asked do she have to give gp to other PC ( i told her that halfprice 4155 and depents what aligment she is ) i think if she is lawful good then she (have to give 1/4 for each PC ) is this correct thinking ?

I hope that this is last question is the +1 do we mark that to Attack Bonus box and Dmg section ? So the rule if you got attack bonus +1 or higher you can draw a weapon as free action and so on.

and this is buggin me now even thought the armor or shield is MAGIC you just but the +1 to the shield box or armor box not in the magicbox in the AC section ?

do you sell normal and masterworks items for halfprice like magic items ?

and this feels like stupid questions. i see minor and major on the items i think i know that minor is for the 1-3lvl but major is 4-5? but what is the difference ? +1 armor minor 1-62 and major 1-13 i know that you roll the d%

i think that is good idea. Heh when my son noticed that i was making adventure he whant to be the one to roll the random treasure and then he told me that can the one of the goblins have pacifier that is like 1000gp ( he really whants to play with us. 9year old)

i think that i but my son to roll the random items. and for the big boss fight i try to choose items for 600gp (book says that CR2 is 600gp)

The monsters stats in ITEMS equipment - can the pc loot them ? or only treasure ?

Here what i got so far 1 shortbow goblin in the watchtower and two with a swords, they are building that watchtower or fixin it. And the room is big. there is pilars and so that pc can go near but not too near behind the pilars. Then there is the goblin dog that is locked to wathctower and if the PC dont kill the goblindog it runs to open door and then there will be 2-3 goblins more or even few orcs. if they manage to kill the goblins too way too fast

then next i was building a room with broken stone floor so that PC have to jump 5-10feet to get a door and if they fall there is venomous snake in the rumple.

my only problem is that i cant draw a dungeon that i like :) so far i have drawn 3-4 different types.

but i got time to draw the dungeon i think that i have to forget "dungeon" style drawings and just draw full square rooms.

and so far i have "used" 2400xp

golins 405+270
snake 400
ors 405+600
trap arrow +400

THANKS for answering and clearing things for me. +5 weapon is way expensive B). But now i can clarify this thing to my PC because they where wondering how the +1 items works. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOU !

first question is about thos random magic items for the shop
and the second is that can the player buy +1 for twice like you but

+1 chainshirt is 100 + 1150 gp so the AC is then +4 +1 = +5?
but if he insteat buy two times that +1 so

100 + 1150 +1150 to get +2 to the armor so chainshirt is +4 and +2 = +6

or is it that you can only buy one time that +1 to any armor, weapon or shield ?

just wondering CR1 is 400 xp so goblin is 135x3= 405.
i was thinking that i but 2 goblins with short sword to ground and
one goblin with shorbow to coveder place like whatctower and front of the goblin is woodblanks HE can shoot easy but PC cant a) they have to brake the woodblaks or try to shoot whit range weapon to the nacks or holes is the hitting possibility then 50% or 75% ?

and the woodblanks are

Hitpoints:10/in. of thickness

Savah’s Armory is the best place to go to get magic weapons
and magic armor, while the best place for other magic items
is the Feathered Serpent. Prices for items always in stock are
listed on the table to the right. You can also randomly roll up to
one minor magic weapon (page 50) and one minor wondrous
item (pages 56–59) to be for sale as well—these random items
should change every time the PCs finish a new quest

So i just roll for the d% dices and that decided what item(S) ar in stock before quest and after quest they change.

ok but

Any +1 armor +1,150 gp
Any +1 shield +1,150 gp
Any +1 weapon +2,300 gp
Potion of cure light wounds 50 gp
Potion of cure moderate wounds 300 gp
Potion of cure serious wounds 750 gp
Ring of protection +1 2,000 gp
Wand of cure light wounds (10 charges) 150 gp
Wand of magic missile (10 charges) 150 gp
Amulet of natural armor +1 2,000 gp
Bracers of armor +1 1,000 gp
Cloak of protection +1 1,000 gp
Elixir of hiding 250 gp
Elixir of vision 250 gp

Lets say that only one of the party survive and lootet all the GP from the other member and got like 4000gp and he got 800 all ready so 4800gp so he buys -Any +1 weapon +2300x2 means that he get +2 to AR and +2DMG rolls. 4800 - 4600 = 200gp ? is that right ?

ah so CR1 is 400xp that is my xp amount per Room ? if i build story to a town or dungeon

so if the pc where different levels
2 x 2 levels and 2 x 1 levels so 2+2+1+1=6/4= 1,5 and rounded up to CR2

i am little confused about CR and loot thing.

so basically my PC are 4 and all got 935xp and they are level 1

so when i am building adventure i count all the player levels together so 4 means CR4 monster/trap is normal difficult ? CR4 is 1200 xp is this for hole adventure or just one encounter ?

What is max CR for level 1 x 4 PC ?

And what about that loot so if CR is 4 then the MAX loot is 1200gp
and if the CR is lower than 1 the loot is 0 gp?

And if i whant to give magic item as loot i just check the GP amount that is needed to buy that item ? example +1shield 1,150gp?

And do any got stats for GOBLIN DOG i cant find any info about that it come with the PBB.

i am little confused when people talk that after this adventure you are lvl 2... we got 4 pc on play and divided the xp we only get 935 per PC

in the beginner box there isent Two-weapon fighting reat at all and what is BAB ?

Ok thanks for answer this helped him alot
Btw was it fullrounder when he take both of them?

Ok one of my player whant to make cleric with two scimitar.
I told him that he need to use holy symbol in one hand when he uses channeling and explaned this.

Two weapon unseat is fullrounder and he need to use both actions to but one scimitar away and take symbol to hand that is allso fullrounder??
But can he make two attacks ??
But if he move he can attack once but if he dont move he can attack twice ?

Is this correct??

PFBeginner wrote:

Yes, rogues can find magical traps using Perception and they are the only class that can use Disable Device to deactivate a magic trap.

Ah thanks because in the gm book it hinted only that wizard and cleric can detect magictraps. Partys Draw was too clever for me he kneeled and crawled.


Regarding the spider, the "quest" explicitly says that the spider is well hidden and that PCs do not get a Perception check until they are within 5' of its hiding space; therefore PCs that search from other locations in the room would not find it, so you were right in my opinion.

oh i missed that one. thanx that helped a lot.

so far me and my players are liked pathfinder only problem is that some one is too clever or our imagenation sucks.

Is it ok to give treasure with out any dice roll ? Because one of the player asked about it


when my players party enteret in the room rogue asked / did trapfinding can he "find" the magic trap `?? or only cleric or wizard ?

my players where too quick for my brains B)

and SPIDER NEST first who entered in the room was rogue and he did Perception skill checks. can he do that (i still Secretly roll a Stealth skill check for the spider i got 11+11) but rogue got 26 so did he c it or ?? because i told him that he didnt c anything and whaited that all of them wehere in the room and then perception check against spider ...

and after the fight rogue start to say why he didnt c the spider sooner ?

did i do wrong or right ?

ok thanx this simplies thing for me every second diagonally is counted for 5+5 aka doublecount

Thanx for your answers B). Now i and my friends understand this little better. now it is 6 squares (30feet) up-down-left-right and diagonally 5+10+5+10 4squares ? (this are all diagonally)

Here are few pictures that i draw about movement up-down-left-right = 5+5+5+5+5+5= 30feet one direction up, diagonal, up, diagonal = 5+5+5+10 = 25 feet. up, diagonal, up, diagonal + up = 5+5+5+10+5 = 30 feet.

is this calcu right up,diagonal,up,diagonal,diagonal = 5+5+5+10+5 = 30feet

and if all the movement is diagonally 4squares is 30feet 5+10+5+10 = 30feet

sorry if there is a thread allready but my seachbox buged so i am not sure if theres is any...

so SPEED 30 FEET (6 SQUARES) Fighter Human
in the page 55 in the Hero Handbook

Valeros's 1st move costs 5 feet +

his 2nd move costs 5 feet = 10feet (2Squares) +

and his
3rd move is his second diagonal
so it costs 10 feet. = 20feet (3Squares 1 up, 2 diagonal) +

Next he moves
into difficult terrain, which costs
him 10 feet. = 30 feet (4Squares 1up,2diagonal + difficult terrain)

so he cant move anymore ? but in the Hero Handbook he still moves 15 feet so 45feet ? or have i understand this movement actions wrong?

or is it up,2diagonal is = 10feet ? because 2 diagonals is counted for 5feet ? so 1up(5feet) + 2 diagonal(5feet) =10feet

then difficult terrain 10+10+ (diagonaly into diffterrain is 10 not 15?)
10 = 30 feet ?

to but this simply 2 diagonal is 5 feet not 10feet ? example 1up,1diag,1up,1diag is 15feet ?

We talk about this yesterday and the friend that didnt make it sayed that he make rogue so he suggested that i make my own PC cleric or fighter that all of the class is in use and if we change GM then i got my character ready. And the that class that is left we use one of the pregen character.

so that we get the feeling how to play all of the classes. My friend say that they change who play with my pc or the pregen when i am GM

And next time when we play (next saturday) we roll a dice about if the dwarf if capturet, saved by friendly npc, or unknown hero.

or this is what my son suggested : the dwarf heal him self and then goes to wondering in the world and the 3 hero think that he is in the cave or even eaten but when they find out that he is not eaten or even not in the cave you got new story FIND THE GRANPA dwarf..

Thanx for answering this helped a lot B). But there is one problem now the second friends whant to know did the dwarf manake to get all the XP from the first fight ? or if its devided to him and dwarf ?

yes i we where thinking that he take one of the pregene characters and that runs to him and yell " you senile dwarf i told you not to go alone " because he is old dwarf B)..

but is the Burning hand : You create a 15-foot-long cone of fire from your hands.
Creatures in the cone take 1d4 fire damage per wizard level.
Each creature can make a Reflex saving throw to take only half
damage (DC 11 + your INT Mod).

that dmg throw right 1d4+1 (wizard is level 1) or 2d4 when he is level 2?

here is a new GM / player

this is my first atempt to be a GM with PBB

so me and my 2 friends decided to play PBB but one of the friend didnt made it today.

1. My friend made a wizard dwarf AC 10 and HP 10.
i sayd take one of the pregen character or made another because wizard is no good alone. He told me that lets just test it. Ok so we started the quest

Goblin1 6/6 18+6=24
Goblin2 6/6 11+6=17
Dwarf 10/10 9+5=14

Goblin1 : AR 5+2 miss
Goblin2 : AR 20 and 16+2 Crit d4 3+4 = -7 Dwarf 10/3
Dwarf :*Burning Hand 4+1 = 5/2 (halfdmg) G1 refs 14+2 G2 refs 12+2 so G1 6/4 G2 6/1

Burning hand = You create a 15-foot-long cone of fire from your hands.
Creatures in the cone take 1d4 fire damage per wizard level.
Each creature can make a Reflex saving throw to take only half
damage (DC 11 + your INT Mod).

Goblin1 : AR 10+2 d4=2 = -2 Dwarf 10/1
Goblin2 : AR 15+2 d4=1 = -1 Dwarf 10/0 <-- Dwarf is Disabled
Dwarf : Burning Hand 3+1 = 4/2 G1 refs 9 G2 refs 3 so G1 6/0 G2 6/-3

so he killed both but he looses -1 because he is disabled. and then we made the DC 10 CON check (1d20 + CON Mod) so that he dont die.

is this right ? now he is making a new character with name 12 sec (because if 1 round is 6 sec so he survived 2rounds)