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I hate to say it, but your pet bunny is fine without you. He will hop along and eat plenty of carrots. He may remember you, but Mr. Fuzzy will go on in the wild as it was before you met him.

the bolas launcher doesnt seem very do-able. the quarterstaff idea has already been done, so you could strait up buy that (50gp). utility belt u could enchant for holding, but that would be costly. 2, 3, and 6 seemed right on the money. for your boots, i could only think of one idea. have a wizard cast a slight "levitate" (only 1/2 an inch or so) and cast "permanency". This would also help with rough terrain. One final note. Batman is probably closer to assassin or fighter. Ninja too squishy and stealthy like the common rogue

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if you want to troll S to S combat, roll druid. Shift into a seagull, fly over them, then shift into a whale. Breathing fire is too mainstream.

the unspoken rule to surviving a TPK: jump out a window. It doesnt matter if your on the first floor or in a tower. Even if your underground, create a dimentional window and jump out it.

Another problem though. If your party is going through a Troglodyte cave, i bet the entire place smells like them. they should make a roll to sniff them out instead of impossible to sneak up on, but the penalty sounds good in addition

The monk's ki IS strong, but i think you get little because it forces you to focus skill points. most all monks want high dex, but ki and a few other stuff makes you split up your points more and divide your strengths.