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Hi, I know this order was from a while ago, but I've been a bit busy and this has been slipping my mind. In the order was a Gargantuan Blue Dragon figure. However when it arrived in the cardboard shipping box, the figure was floating about in packing peanuts with one wing unattached, the rest of it was assembled. I'm wondering if there would be any way to acquire the box for the figure.

Hey, I'm wondering if this was supposed to come with a miniature box, as the one I ordered a few months ago did not come with a box. Instead it was partially assembled with its unattached wing floating about in the shipping box. Just checking on this.

Got it, I though that meant it would ship to my address in that time or later depending on the time frame for my other products.

Hi, for starters my order number is 3099026

I ordered my products on thursday and as far as i could tell none of the items were on back order. But when reviewing the order today, I saw this:

Line item not ready for shipping: ("Insufficient quantity in stock.")

I have no idea what this means, it would seem that the items are on backorder. I am also aware of the fact that this is the weekend so it may take a while. So, if someone could tell me what this means, that would be helpful.

Hey, I'm starting up a PF group with some friends. I was wondering what I should get to enhance the experience. I currently have PDFs of the Core RB and Bestiary, I also have the beginner box so pawns and maps are covered. I was wondering if I should by some modules or scenarios or advanced rulebooks. I'm really unsure on the whole idea of what to get next.

So is that why many level twenty abilities are just so good, because you were loyal to the class this entire time.

Okay, so basically the SpD bonus from prestige classes is applied after the caster class's no matter what order the levels were acquired in?

So, I was reading the Dragon Disciple stats and such and was wondering how his spells per day on certain levels work?

1. So if I'm a level 10 Sorcerer and then hit level 2 of DD, my spells per day for a Sorcerer would be those of a level 11(but my other sorc stats are the same), right?
2. So if I'm Sorc 10, DD 2. I level Sorcerer again to 11, would my spells per day on sorcerer be those of a level 11 or of a level 12 from the DD bonus?

I'm still really new to this, so sorry. Also I'm not all too sure how good Sorcerer and DD are anyways.

I'm a bit new to this, and I'm curious as to how the monk's flurry of blows works. So I looked over it and I'm wondering if this is how it works at level 1(assuming I have proper equips and such)
I can use flurry to do two attacks at -1/-1 OR
I can use flurry and an additional attack for -3/-3/-2
Then at level 8 it would be
flurry +6/+6/+1/+1
flurry and extra attacks +4/+4/+4/+1/+1/+1

Please let me know if I'm right, since it took me like 15 min to grasp the additional attacks part.

Right, thanks, I was also intending on printing out bestiary pages when necessary.

Hey, I'm planning on starting a Pathfinder group with some friends in a week or so. I currently have the Beginner Box, PDF Core RB, PDF Bestiary, and any free resources. I am confident in my ability to run free modules and maps. However I am curious on how I should be running character creation GMing and other things using the PDFs. I do have a touch screen laptop and a large enough table to accommodate such things.

The main reason I have the PDFs is that I'm a high-schooler so my financial resources are limited. I am in search of a job however, so i'll have money for resources. My gaming group will probably be a 3-4 times a month on Saturday thing.

I currently intend to purchase the following once I can afford them and if the first session goes well.
1. Bestiary Box
2. Cheap modules or Adventure path sets(likely RotRL or Skulls and Shackles)
3. Pawn set for said Adventure path

If anyone has suggestions to make PDF navigation easier that would help. Also any good ideas for early adventures would be nice as well.

Okay thanks, I see why it's a dash, since the order of operations wouldn't work with a plus sign.

Hey, I was looking about in the Bonus Bestiary and when I got to the Axe Beak page, I noticed that its bite attack was listed as 1d6+1-1/2 STR or something along those lines. I'm not super-familiar with tabletop RPGs and to me it sounds like you...
1.Roll a D6
2.Add 1 to the roll
3.Subtract half of your strength from that
Am I doing this wrong, because to me it sounds like your strength is weakening your damage. Any help with this would be nice.

Looks great, will definetly ask for my B-day. I am pleased to see certain things in here that i wish the BB had

1.Horse pawn, my friends decided that a Hell hound would be a good substitute

2. Large and Huge Bases, it was annoying trying to get the Black dragon to fit in four spaces while on a small base.

I have not played RotRL, but am planning on getting it, i am curious if you fight a rune giant towards the end of the game. I'd like to know because i might need the Figure from WizKids

oh really thanks, if that's the case, ill probably buy this, in a few months, and find the rune giant, on amazon or troll and toad. I would rather have nearly every enemy in Rotrl as a flat piece, than get about 8 for the same price in plastic figure form.

Although i am new to the series, i know that there aren't all the runelords in this and there is no rune giant. Is this to encourage people to buy some things from WizKids?

Oh cool, i'll try and get him

So would i be able to use him in pathfinder, also is he from reaper.

Nah, my troop plays rpgs non-stop on campouts(with no materials), and everyone has an orgasm when someone brings so much as a d20.

Items that might be a good idea as ingredients for the cake

Dragon egg

Gray ooze (instead of milk)

any other ideas would be appreciated.

In my previous thread i mentioned that the BSA campout where ill bring the BB is right before my Birthday. So ithought i might send my adventurers on a quest to make a cake and get cool custom items.

1. I need to have a list of ingredients obtainable from monsters

2. I need a dungeon plan(not a map just ideas for rooms.)

3. I need ideas for a boss which will be the cake(this is an immediate followup for the Blackfang dungeon)

4. I need ideas for weapons as a reward(for every class), for the wizard a spell might be a better idea.

5. I need a reason for them to go on the quest

darth_borehd wrote:

Most likely, the kids will love it, but beware of religious weirdo parents. This is the same organization that is known to be unfriendly towards LGBTs and atheists.

I like that post, even though i'm a christian, i just hate some people who are over-religious. There's this one kid at my school who is a douche, he is a baptist, and he denies being like westborough baptist church. That's a lie, he makes fun of gay people, hates non-protestants and hates me and my friends 'cause we're bronies.

Anyways i'm not bringing this on the next campout cuz it's a one-night campout where we're going is a zoo which means zero free time. However the august campout (which happens before my B-day, so i might do an interseting side-quest involving making a cake) is at a lake (with plenty of dry space) where they let us do anything we want, but they encourage getting the fishing merit badge which i have. I know some people who joined the troop when i did so we're kinda close. One of my friends has played it so i probably won't let him play. But i know several people who can play rpgs well enough. so i figured how i will deal with my questions.

1. ill bring it

2. 4-6 ppl will play

3. Pregens if people dont meet with me to make characters or for people who join in late

4. I wont bring the internet resources

5. No mine adventure... Yet

6. ill probably do the cake sidequest which ill need help with making which ill put in a new thread.

So my Boy Scout troop has a campout every month and i thought it might be cool to bring the beginner box on a campout and let a few people play it while I DM. At the campouts we'll usually run no-material RPGs which pretty much turn into a weird puzzle, and it gets really effed up when one of the younger kids tries to DM(i dont mean like 5th grade young, i mean any kids who joined the troop after me). I think that we might be able to run the entire adventure in one campout considering my two friends made characters and beat it in about two 2.5-hour sessions. I mentioned it to a friend in the troop and he thought it was an amazing idea. One kid in my troop is a well-seasoned RPG player and another is a slightly seasoned DM so if they're present the game should be able to run smoothly. This would be great since the other players need to learn a proper RPG, plus the lack of a tavern prevents them from banging every chick in sight. I think that at least one of the players would be competent, but i know one or two will probably have to be dragged through the dungeon.

I would like to know several things.

1.should i bring BB on a campout.

2.If so how many should play(i was thinking 3-5 not counting myself).

3.Should i use pregens or not.

4.Should i use the downloadable extras or not since i'm not sure if i want varying characters or quickly made ones

5.Should i do the downloadable mine adventure

6.Should i quickly make another adventure when they finish the first.

one thing that could make the battle quite interesting is leading up to it, the party is ambushed and hopefully infected by lycanthropes(any kind) and during the battle itself there are patches of moonlight from a full moon, when a player sets foot here they transform

If you just want a boss maybe you could try black dragon(but buff/debuff its stats some)

This looks real nice, my friend jeremy would have a orgasm if i got this and he encountered a pegasus(cuz he's a brony XD)

the reason i didnt pick a lantern or candle or torch, is because you should always have a cleric with you, who is able to make things emit light as an orison ability.

Thanks for the help. The adventure will be the players traveling throught the forest to investigate strange murders in town. After traveling they find a cave with a werewolf and TWO wolves. After killing them they find an item on the werewolf, called the fullmoon pendent(or something) which is an item that turns werewolves into their wolf form by wearing it(with control of their wolf form, also works for wererats).

I would get this except one of the sides is included in the beginner box, which i have.

I am going to make an adventure to follow up the one in BB, i was wondering what a suitable boss would be for two level 2 characters(since you level up if u do everything right in the first adventure). I was thinking of making a wolf based dungeon, with the boss being a hellhound, or maybe a werewolf, any suggestions.

the adventurers kit, grappling hook, holy symbol(i usually play cleric), cleric weapon, light armor, a simple weapon(the range type that my cleric weapon doesnt cover), more trail rations, matches. usually in the order (most needed to least).

Also you mentioned that you laid oout the pawns for this and talked about a barbarian, is there a barbarian pawn you can get somehow

Also if i recall valhalla is reserved for those who die honorably in battle, killing yourself and leaving your ally behind doesn't sound honorable.

You could have him expect to be detected and have him hypnotize himself into making the players do the tasks. And the hypnosis doesn't wear off until all the tasks are completed.

Maybe the Goblins are overjoyed from the toy and are too distracted to see some adventurers steal their treasure, also goblins are idiots so they'd have no idea about what happened to it a few minutes later

I should also point out that only one thing is on teenage guys minds "sex". I've noticed this quite a bit when playing amatuer no-dice, no-character sheet, no-map games on my Boy Scout campouts. Every game there's one guy who says "i wanna be a hot chick in a skimpy outfit with huge t!%$". I say fine but whenever chracters start screwing around and benging everything in site, i put in a consequence that pisses everyone off "Ya'll get HIV, gonarhea, and syphilis" or something like that. As some people have pointed out, make sure bad actions get serious consequences. Also like arioreo said try out the bash demos instead.

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oh i just found out that the human fighter(male) is the same art as the city guard.

I was comparing the bestiary in this box to the cardboard characters and noticed the city guard doesn't have a cardboard counterpart, i really didn't care since they're so populous i'd just use pennies. However i did see that the goblin dog cardboard didn't have an entry in the beastiary, i was wondering if anyone could provide me with the entry from the beastiary book or something else if that violates copyright or whatever.

P.S. is there a place where i can find and post adventures that are custom made.

I was wondering if the fighter pawn would be a suitable substitue since there aren't any barbarian pawns.

I'm going into 10th grade and i'd like to point out that younger kids tend to have a weaker sense of exploration. This is most likely because they think they can beat an end-game boss without getting prepared, it's cuz the games preteens play don't have a good system of leveling and fail to reward exploration. I just read through the BB starter adventure and i knew that if i played with my young brother it would be impossible to nudge him towards getting the dragonbane sword without yelling "there's a mother****ing dragon slayer sword on the other side of the pond". Good luck

Hey, i was planning on getting this box and playing over the summer with my friend and my brother. I am going to DM/GM and was wondering if it would be appropriate to play as the pre-included cleric to assist my players for the first few quests, just so they don't die. Also if there are any tips you could give me, I would appreciate that.