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a gnome ranger with a heavy crossbow and an ammo hamster sounds interesting

do they have new feats? did i miss something?

you compare animal totem to giant totem and how do you compare fury totem to giant totem?

power attack is good as a second attack with minus 5 to hit then statistically better than an additional hit with -10 to hit

thank you very much for your comments. of course I plan to give up the shield on higher levles. reach weapon is a very interesting solution. the dwarf's only drawback is his poor charisma but on the other hand the amount of hp and high save make him a very good choice.

as I wrote I will play at hardcore level and it seems to me that there is not much difference between shield and ax 14.5 dmg for giant barbarian and 16.5 dmg for great ax. but the difference in survival is colossal

Human has the advantage that at the first level he can have shield block and raging intomidiation before he takes the remaining feat, which significantly increases his offensive and defensive abilities

thanks for the comments so far but I wonder why you think that half orc is better than human after all human can have two feats at the start

the problem i have with the dwarf is that i want to use intimidate quite often. I am also bothered by the lower speed

of course I also want to have fun but the team is highly optimized and the game master likes to be merciless :)
what do you think about goblins? goblin turning into a "troll" can also be cool. In addition, I think about using intimidate quite often

hello maybe I won't be original but I'd like to create a barbarian for the new campaign. (giant instinct) what race would you recommend and what stats?

Bardarok wrote:
scoutmaster wrote:
lay on hands should trigger an attack of opportunity. The game is getting too easy.
lay on hands didn't trigger AoO's in PF1 or DnD 3.5e

this is not a good starting point, both systems did not have a three action system. now you can strike 2 times and heal.

lay on hands should trigger an attack of opportunity. The game is getting too easy.

level for everything is much more important for martial classes than spellcaster s. For some time I was an opponent of level for everything but it has a lot of justification. In the current system, experience points are added for completing the +4 to -4 team level challenge. if we take the level to everything, the fight against low-level characters is considerably prolonged due to the lower chance of hitting 2 and subsequent attacks. The chance of a critical hit of opponents of lower levels is also much lower. However, in the vast majority of spellcasters it does not make a difference, because they will cast 1 offensive spell per round. And this will significantly slow down the challenges. In the current combat system, they run very quickly and efficiently. My players (mostly I'm MG) think that this is a great system. The player playing fighter said that this is the most interesting mechanics.In a different game (5 ed d & d) he just get bored. I agree that +1 can not speak to all but to me it speeds up the game and suits the players to feel special. Players like to have a potent magical weapons and the new system is great.

if it does, the voices will rise, why the barbarian is getting harder and harder from level to level (higher dc) to keep the rage.

Gaterie wrote:

Every DC is scaled by the level of the PCs, this makes every roll a flat check. There are flat check with ability modifier (like treat wound, or any skill check) and flat check without ability modifier (the ones named "flat" in the rules).

This is not a shift in philosophy, this has been like this since the beginning of the playtest. If people weren't complaining about treat wound, I'm sure the rage check would be a Con check with a DC determined by your level.

unnecessary complication. 3 rounds of duration is fine, flat check is ok too but you have to remember that the dc changes.

rayous brightblade wrote:

removing a hand is a free action but material says if you hold a holy symbol. Holding would require an interact action. Changing from hold to wear allows you to have symbol on surcoat, armor, or hanging from necklace/etc which solves the issue.

if we change hold to wear it should also apply to spell components and if so, you can virtually remove the material casting from the game.

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Since I'm mainly GM, not a player, I care about the balance between the characters, so that everyone has something to say. Of course, a lot depends on the players themselves but to the point: quick preparation for the wizard is necessary for the wizard to be competent in the game . As the only character he must gain spells, pay for them and therefore must be able to actively react to the changing situation. This is understandable and makes sense, and gives the player the motivation to look for rare spells. I am aware of the cry that this change will cause in players who play sorcerers, but let's face it, the sorcerer is now more popular and stronger. Charisma is a better trait than intelligence (better skills and resonance) That a wizard can replace one spell for 10 minutes does not make the sorcerer worse. Sorcerer can always carry several scrolls and it will be easier to use them because of the resonance points.
Have you watched spoilers of playtests? See how many people played sorceres and how many wizards. There are definitely more sorcerers.

if we weaken demoralize, what does the barbarian do with the third action? attack on -10?

Take away a Wizard's spellbook and what's left

for me, there is no problem that the higher DCs the more you need additional bonuses in the form of items. Imagine a cyclist starting in the Tour de France on a cheap bike. I do not think he would have gone far.

The style of fighting with two weapons has a certain advantage that you do not seem to notice. It is much better for build based on agility, especially for ranger and rouge. by building such a character, you can almost ignore your strength and invest everything in dexterity, constitution and wisdom.

there is a dead attribute for each profession. But a small condicional skill bonus resulting from high intelligence would be a good solution.

intelligence can add a condicional bonus to some skills equal to half the modifier rounding up

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I think similarly, this table is needed. It made playing the game easier for me.

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Wu Nakitu wrote:
scoutmaster wrote:
I will not agree that athletics, for example, let fly breathe underwater or dig underground. I will not allow Acrobatics to permeate through the walls. The spell must be prepared. it's a big difference
With 10 mins Quick Prep and a 3rd level slot, my 16th level Wiz can outperform my friend's Legendary Athletics Skill Feat of choice with a quick Fly spell using a slot 5 levels lower than max - that doesn't seem a little bit problematic?

currently Fly is from level 4 and lasts only 1 minute, and you can climb and jump (if Fly is at level 7 then it takes 1 hour). really Fly and athletics are used for something else. The skill has a wider range of activities and continues. You can jump and swim, but also knock down and grappling. for each of these steps you need to prepare a different spell. if you prepare it you are the best but for a short time. this is the difference.

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I will not agree that athletics, for example, let fly breathe underwater or dig underground. I will not allow Acrobatics to permeate through the walls. The spell must be prepared. it's a big difference

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if martial classes would have such strong skills as spells, why would spells? Martial classes have more HP higher AC and better defense rolls. comparable dmg (thanks to magic weapons) spells should be better than skills.

Technotrooper wrote:
+1/level became our group's primary reason for abandoning the PF2 playtest and returning to 5E. It doesn't look like Paizo is willing to change this and is determined to have bloated numbers at higher levels, a steep power curve, and narrow bands of level-appropriate opponents. The effect on skill progression creates strange and unbelievable situations. I will take a look at PF2 if they address this, but also will happily continue to play 5E if not.

advantage and disadvantage advantage and disadvantage as the game master allows feats to take the polearm master. Very rich mechanics.

currently this game is fun to play. I do not know if you play or just write on the forum and theorize. I played tens of hours. As a player and as a dungeon master. Currently, I come up with my own adventures. Taking +1 to everything will completely change the rules. the -4 to +4 challenges really give you a lot of space.

if we exchange + level for everything, then we can also kick off critical successes on 10+
this game is not to be a copy of 5.ed.

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giving up level + will create a different game. All will need to be changed. For what?

re-gripping should cost 1 action. otherwise the two-handed weapon is too strong.
there is no rule that when you lie down, you release the weapon from one hand. However, lay of hands, casting spells drinking potions is too much for free (the shield also costs the action as we know)

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the only problem I have with perception is that the cleric has it higher than the ranger and rouge. As a result, at low levels, the cleric is looking for traps and not a rouge or ranger

I like how demoralization works. remember that the opponent can do the same.

I honestly thought I preferred the first version of resonance points published in the rulebook

the current critical damage system is not a bit deadly for the players' characters. PCs have much more HP than other games based on the D 20 system.

the difference is essential between you can not carry more than 10 items and you can not invest in more than 10 items a day.

the changes seem ok. I will run the game as a GM I noticed some errors in pregenerated characters. 1.cleric battle magic dc 15 not 20. 2. Barbarian can not use demoralization in rage,
javelin should have a bonus of +8 and not a plus of 9 (it's not expert)
Do magical weapons cost RP?

demoralize this very good use of the third (actually 1) action for the barbarian. What's more, the barbarian should be a master of demoralization.

I'm not sure if battlecry works with intimidating glare.

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a step in the right direction. more balance. Good job

Is it already known when will update 1.4 be available?

I hope that they will give some bonuses for an ordinary man so that the half elf and half orc are not significantly better

I have a question how many times you can use healer's kit before it is completely used up. The question is important because of the new use of medicine. It's worth noting that there is item level 12 Doctor's marvel us medicine that contains seemingly endlees supply of bandages so it seems that healer's kit is consumes.