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Some of the general feats listed in alpha 3 (such as power attack) do not explicitly say that they can be used as fighter bonus feats. The could be taken as fighter bonus feats in 3.5. Did this change or is it just not apparent (or did I just overlook something)?


Looking on the skills chart on page 54 of alpha 3, it shows that Profession is an untrained skill. Unless this is undergoing a drastic overhaul as part of beta, I don' think that Profession should be an untrained skill.

The SRD/PHB shows Profession as a Trained only skill. My PHB says "You are trained in a livelihood or a professional role ...". Even with the wording it says that it is a trained skill. Are you changing this skill or was this just an oversight?



While playing a current Paizo adventure path with 3.5 rules, the following occurred that I need clarification on. It seems like there could be better wording (corrected in Pathfinder RPG to make it more clear than 3.5) so that is why I am brining it up here.

I was playing a cleric/fighter. I was currently threatened in hindering terrain (thus no 5 foot step allowed). I wanted to cast a spell. I sacrificed an attack of opportunity to move away from the creature (thus drawing an attack of opportunity, which is what I expected). I moved out of the threatened area with the move action. I then tried to cast a spell (a standard action while not being threatened). I was told that since the creature had combat reflexes, it was taking another attack of opportunity because of my casting the spell - even though I was now casting it beyond its range. I understand getting an AoO for the spell if I was casting it in the threatened area. What I don't understand is why I would get one for casting it outside the threatened area just because I provoked an AoO earlier by moving. I was told that the grabbing the components, holy symbol, and thinking about how to cast the spell happened during the move and therefore distracted me and caused me another AoO. I still don't understand this concept as I believed that spells were standard actions, not standard actions plus part of a move action.

Is this just a fluke and a misunderstanding with one of us or should Pathfinder RPG rules be written to make attacks of opportunity more clear than it was in 3.5?


Could you please make the Acrobatics skill an opposed check for a person trying to move through threatened squares and through an enemy's space? A fixed DC is really not all that great.

The reason:

With a fixed DC, a person can use acrobatics to avoid the attack of opportunity from a 20th level fighter exactly the same as a 1st level wizard (or from a dragon just as easily as a simple goblin). Sure, the consequences of failure may be different, but a simple goblin should be easier to tumble past than a dragon.

By having a fixed DC, people get to the point of auto-success regardless of the creature he/she is trying to tumble past.

The solution:

A solution that a DM of mine uses (and I now use) is to make the acrobatics check an opposed roll versus the creature's base attack bonus. This makes the dragon tougher than the simple goblin. If you have a better solution, by all means, but the check should be opposed in some way rather than a fixed DC.

Thank you.