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I do have to add (for the benefit of everyone complaining about the change) that I personally liked the old PRD site better but from someone who works in the IT field as a Chief Information Officer ...

Change is inevitable and most people don't like change. Rather than fighting it, it's far less stressful to embrace change. Give it a try. I'm sure you will get used to it. Even though the legacy version is up on the site (thanks for that), I have personally been avoiding using it, trying to force myself to get used to the "new" format (for me, anyway).

My advice to those of you like me that need to get used to it is to give it an honest try. Pretend like the old version was never there and this is a new service that you never had before. Your experience with it will get better in time. If you wish a change in functionality, ask for it nicely. Perhaps it will happen and most of all remember that stressing about the change will likely just affect your health.

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I sometimes use AoN for some information but I did like some aspects of the old PRD. For instance, the whole spell list for sorcerer/wizards (like the core rulebook does). I liked seeing all the spells categorized by level and then by school. In the default of AoN, it just seems to be one gigantic list by level. The utility of seeing what is what by school as well seems to have disappeared. Will this feature be added (or is it there in some other fashion, by selecting toggles and such)?